She lives her life in fear,
afraid of her next breath.
She's afraid of never waking up,
afraid of her own death.

Drowning in her own fear,
she starts to cry.
She's so scared
she's not ready to die.

She screams into the darkness,
as a hand takes her away.
This is what she feared
all night and all day.

The fear consumes her,
making it all go black.
She slowly begins to fade,
because breath she did lack.

Her heart starts to slow,
her pulse starts to drop.
She begins to feel at peace,
because her heart happened to stop.

Never again did she fear,
for she was now at rest.
God took away her fear,
and so she is truly blessed.

No one ever noticed
how she didn't come back.
She was merely a ghost,
who just happened to crack.

There was no funeral,
no one cared that she was gone.
There were no tears,
it was all so wrong.

So now she is at peace,
finally not afraid.
She was in God's arms tonight,
and He made sure she was not dismayed.