He talks to fire, wants to watch the world burn.

And so he did.

In the morning, we scatter at their feet, they mesmerize us with their words, we follow them like hypnotized mice, and they control us, they direct our thoughts, our minds, our dreams. Lost we wander, Lost, we wander the world like sleepwalkers, Lost, like zombies, Lost, like deep-sea divers.

At the corner, standing under a flickering streetlight. Talking.

But at night, at night, We rule the world. He whispers a word, unleashes the dogs of war, in our minds, a forgotten word, he wakes us, and we rise. We walk the streets, they run at our footsteps, we haunt the streets, they scatter at our footsteps, we wander into other worlds. Walk through cemeteries of London, cemeteries of Paris, cemeteries of Babylon, cemeteries that look like they're from the year 2666.

"It gets worse and worse. Yesterday nearly the entire fourth district."

"It's a big city. Accidents happen."

"Not every day. Not like this."

We walk in the graveyards, looking at ghosts, looking for lost friends. Talk to them, whisper in their minds, those fierce, scared detectives, the Thought Detectives, whisper in their minds, talk to ghosts, look for lost friends, friends, friends that go missing in the night, friends that you can't talk about, you can't even think about, not even in your minds, because the walls have eyes, the walls have eyes and ears, and they can hear our thoughts.

I reach slowly into my coat pocket.

Talk to ghosts. We must fight them, we must fight them, those that would take our dreams away, the dream hunters, the thought detectives. We must never sleep, for sleeping, sleeping is giving in.

The knife gleams in the starlight.

At night we walk the streets, ghosts, we haunt the streets, Sparrows scatter at our feet, birds, birds flying flying in the sky.

My footsteps echo as I approach them. One of them turns.

"What are you doing out here?"

When they killed her, she laughed in their faces. We may be mice, but they're rats, she said kill them, kill them all, hunt them down, kill them like rats, she said they can't kill us all, she said kill them, hunt them down like rats. She laughed.

I must be learning, for I can see the fear in his eyes, hear his thoughts as well.

We have to fight we have to fight against them. They cut off our wings, pin us to the Wall, pin our wings to the wall, our painted wings, pin us to the wall like butterflies, pin us to the wall, and dissect us, dissect our thoughts, our dreams, we must fight against them.

I hear the silence, listen to locusts, hear the secret of the world but no NO it's just the wind, the wicked and wild wind, it's just the wind in the reeds, the wind.

The wind in the reeds. Why? She laughed because there is no god, there was something there once. She disappeared into the reeds, leaving only ashes in her wake, the wind in the leaves, she laughed, there is no god. Why, why do you always leave me behind?

I wait on the roof, watch for the signal. And it comes, twenty new suns blooming on the horizon. The world began in fire, I light the fuse and join them, my own sun, I add my own. Let it burn, let it all burn, let us all burn, as long as it burns them, as long as it burns them all as well.

I hear the flames whisper, I hear him, I hear him, I hear him coming, he's coming for us. Mephisto, our saviour, he whispers a word, a forgotten word, and unleashes the dogs of WAR, he whispers a word, and we burn the world.