I've been betrayed by my own people and captured by those with the pale skin. I keep asking myself how all this happened, but I have no idea. I remember that day so clearly, the day I was taken…I had been gathering fruit. My husband was out hunting, and I was out gathering fruit. I had told my sister to keep an eye on our hut and on our small child until we returned. I gathered berries, a lot of berries all in a large bowl. I had started to walk home, and that's when it happened. A net was tossed over me as my back was turned and I was pulled to the ground by men of my own tribe. I screamed, I cried out, asking "What is this! What is going on! Why are you doing this to me!" That was when I was struck by the men, the men I had previously believed to be my friends. They told me to shut up, and that if I made another sound they would hit me again. Then, they dragged me. They dragged me away from my home, from my family, from my friends. They dragged me away from my entire life and gave me to the pale strangers, the cruel, cruel, pale strangers.
I've been on this ship for days now, I'm not sure how many but it has been much to long for me. I do not understand the language of the cruel people, but I've been with them long enough to know that this ship is called "Economia". I'm not alone on the Economia; I am surrounded by others, so many others. They were betrayed, as I was, and we all are bound under the deck. We're forced to stay down here, in the dark and close together. Very close together, there are so many of us… The men are all on one side, and the women are on the other. I tried to break away from my binds so many times, but it's futile. A few days ago, the cruel people let us go above the deck, but what happened up there made me wish I had stayed in the cramped dark. A man, one of us, had gone off on the cruel people. He shouted, and attacked one of them. The fight did not last, the man was torn away by more of the cruel people and then what they did was horrific. They bound his wrists behind his back, with wire, and threw him to the floor. One of them took a whip and lashed his back, and then another took a separate whip and also began to lash him. He screamed in pain and rage. He called out "What is going on! How can you do this!" I do not believe the cruel people understood him, and even if they did I am sure they wouldn't care. The man also cried out to us, the other captured people. He asked "Why? Why don't any of you help me!" None of use answered him. Not one of use had the nerve to. They continued to beat the man, until he coughed up blood and went limp on the deck. I couldn't watch anymore, I turned away and looked out at the ocean. I don't know how long I looked at the ocean, lost in thoughts of my family and my home, until the cruel people pulled me away and made me go back below the deck.
A few days after the incident with the whipping, the cruel people brought us up from below the deck again. I almost refused to go up there, but I knew that if I was rebellious I would have been punished for it. As we went up, I felt my stomach sink down, and it sank even lower when I was the rocks. They were very large rocks, very large and looked very heavy, all bundled together in a twine bag. I didn't know what they were for at the time, but I just knew they meant something bad. Then, it happened. The cruel people took some men and several women and tied them together with a long rope. They were all bound together at their ankles, and when I followed the rope with my eyes I saw that the very end of it was tied to the bag of heavy rocks. I gasped in horror and put my hand over my heart, instantly knowing what they were going to do. No, no, the cruel people cannot be this heinous! I thought. I was wrong. The bag of rocks was tossed over board, and the people were dragged after it. They shouted in terror, and scrambled desperately as they were being dragged, trying to hard to stay on the ship…There are no words to describe the feelings I had when watched. I was so sickened, so horrified and sickened…I decided to jump overboard at that time. I'll just float until I die, I thought. I went for it, I began to walk swiftly to the edge of the ship, but then I was grabbed by the cruel people and dragged below the deck along with the others.
It's so dark down here, so dark, and so cramped, and so smelly. I hate this, I hate this so much. I don't understand what it is the cruel people I doing, but I believe we are being taken to somewhere called "Portugal". Wherever this Portugal is, I do not want to go. These people had no right to do this to me, they had no right to take me from my home and throw me on this trip! I hate them; I hate them so much it makes my stomach burn. The way they threat us is so awful, so utterly cruel. We are kicked around, beaten, spit at, and the food they give us is detestable. I've stopped eating it; I refuse to eat anything made by those people. I'm so thin now, I no longer look like my healthy self. I look frail and weathered. If my family were to see me now, they would no recognize me. I think I will die soon. I feel very much dead, and I look very much like a skeleton…Yes, I believe my time is up. I hope my time is up. I'm so miserable I long for death.