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Chapter 50

Hadyn woke in a room the thought he'd never see again. Slowly, head pounding he sat up to stare around at the room he'd grown up in. It was just as stark and impersonal as ever. Hotel rooms had more personality than his room. It made him miss his bedroom at the pack house.

"You're awake."

Hadyn jumped and turned his head to stare down at Kerien. "Yeah," Hadyn rasped, then his eyes widened. "You were stabbed."

Kerien pushed the blankets down. "All healed, not even a scar," Kerien said soothingly. "That Sarah healer lady left you a headache potion," he added pointing to the side table.

Hadyn pulled the cork and downed it in one swallow. He didn't even grimace at the taste. His shoulders relaxed as the potion went to work. "What happened?"

"You killed Polly," Kerien told him.

"…How many died?" Hadyn asked softly.

"I don't know," Kerien admitted. "Felicity does. She's been keeping everything running. She's already got a bunch of representatives out at the complexes we couldn't reach before. All the children that can be moved back to the America's will be shuffled home this week."

"She's very organized, isn't she," Hadyn said lying back down.

"Yes," Kerien said running his fingers through Hadyn's hair.

~Zalan? Are you all ok?~ Hadyn asked, relaxing into Kerien's warm side.

~We're better than you,~ Zalan told him.

~It wasn't our minds that almost shattered,~ Keev grumbled.

~Sarah gave us headache potions, too!~ Seim volunteered. ~I don't hurt at all anymore.~

Kerien sighed softly. "Someone's coming," he grumbled. Seconds later came a soft knock at the door. "Come in," Kerien called.

The door opened and Felicity strode in. "If you're awake, get up," she said crisply. "There's still much to be done."

Hadyn sighed, but pushed himself up. "Where are we meeting?"

"We're keeping things in the main Dining Hall," Felicity told him. "We don't want to hide what we're doing and cause more problems. I've already told the ones that don't like what we're doing they can leave."

"Did they?"

Hadyn asked heading toward the bathroom with Keev on one shoulder.

"Of course not," Felicity said amused. "They just wanted to complain."

"We'll be there soon," Kerien told her as he rose from the bed. Felicity nodded and left shutting the door behind her.


With the Were's and the Elves helping they managed to sort the children much faster than expected. Even if records were slow to be found most of the children remembered where they came from. They weren't willing to tell the Mages where they were taken from, but the Were's and Elves they were happy to talk to.

Hadyn was kept busy teaching all of the air affiliates how to teleport so moving the children was easier. Felicity and Miles tackled the records side of things and started compiling all the documentation and getting it ready to go. No one wanted to stay at Headquarters and Hadyn already had plans to tear the whole place down.

Aiden turned out to be a bigger problem than Felicity had thought he was going to be. Mages kept suggesting quietly that they should just get rid of him. Finally, she came to Hadyn with it.

"They want us to just execute him," she said softly, her eyes flickering from the mages Hadyn was teaching to Aiden who was tucked in a corner with his and Hadyn's Elementals.

"Well, they're not going to," Hadyn said flatly.

"Then you'll have to do something about it," Felicity told him. "They're not listening to me and some of my long standing allies are muttering about him."

Hadyn glanced over at Aiden. He wasn't doing anything, just reading a book, but many of the Mages were scowling at him. "I'll talk to everyone at dinner," he said already planning what to do.

"And that will help?" Felicity asked doubtfully.

"Talking? Probably not, but I have another idea," he told her.

"I'll leave it up to you then," Felicity said and left.


Word had got out beforehand that Hadyn was going to talk to them about Aiden. As he stood up to address them one man stomped up to the dais. He stopped before Hadyn hands on his hips and glared.

"There is nothing you can say that is going to change my mind about that murderer," the man said bluntly. "He deserves to die."

"Why?" Hadyn asked simply. Mentally he asked Felicity the man's name.

"All the people he's killed."

"You mean the people Polly Becket ordered him to kill, Mage Perry?" Hadyn asked.

The man twitched as Hadyn addressed him by name, but bulled forward. "And all the 'accidents'. He's killed hundreds and you're just going to let him live? What about all the people that need closure?"

"And what about the Elementals you're dooming to die with him?" Hadyn asked.

Most of the mages watching cringed and their eyes flicked to Blaze and Zach. "They will be happy with the Mother," Perry blustered.

"And what about Zachariah?"

"What about him?"

"He gave his life to save Aiden. To free him from Polly," Hadyn replied. "Every Warlock in the world knows about Zachariah's sacrifice and approves. Would you really make it worth nothing?"

"If it meant that monster dies, yes," Perry shouted. "He killed Dina!"

Hadyn sighed. "I was hoping you'd see reason, but I guess not. What if I can prove to you that Aiden's actions were nothing but the will of Polly Becket?"

"You can't."

"I can."

"You're a liar," Perry snarled, "and I won't believe anything you say."

"You don't have to believe me," Hadyn told him and the audience. "I can prove it another way."

"Fine," Perry snapped. "Prove it."

Hadyn nodded and turned to the table. "Come here, Aiden."

"…I don't want to," Aiden said his hands buried in Zach and Blaze's fur.

"I won't let them hurt you," Hadyn said firmly. "Now come here."

Very slowly, Aiden rose from his chair and padded over to the edge of the dais. Blaze and Zach were right on his heels the whole time. Both of them growled at Perry who stepped quickly backwards.

"Sit on the edge," Hadyn directed, "Blaze and Zach can sit with you."

"How will this prove anything?" Perry demanded. "That he's well trained?"

"No," Hadyn said patiently as Aiden sat down. "Blaze, Zach and Zalan have edited some of his memories. At present he does not consciously remember much of what he did and what was done to him."

"He lives without guilt?!" Perry demanded furiously.

"He lives without pain and fear," Hadyn corrected. "But the memories are still there, just not accessible to him. It has left him much like a child in temperament, which is one of the reasons I have kept him close to me."

"One?" another voice questioned.

Hadyn nodded. "The other is for training purposes. Aiden was never taught correctly because he was denied Elementals. I am fixing that since no one else would be willing to teach him."

"You should just let him die from his own flames," Perry growled.

"And we're back to that," Hadyn sighed. "Gabriella Wilson, would you come help me please?"

The woman named didn't hesitate, but got to her feet and moved to the dais. Perry glared at her. "What's she going to do?"

"I," Gabriella said clearly into the room, "am the only certified mind healer in this miserable place."

Perry stared at her realization dawning.

"Right," she said, turning to face the crowd. "I tell you right now. I've never been in Aiden's mind before. Polly always refused even after he had an episode and fried people. I'll tell you whether or not he deserves to die for his past actions. I'll know from his own mind if he was doing what he wanted or if he was a puppet as Hadyn said."

"What if you lie?" Perry grumbled.

Gabriella glared at him. "I don't lie about the mind, idiot. It doesn't help anything. And regardless of what I say Hadyn has agreed to take me home first thing tomorrow. I'm not going into the mind of a crazy man for nothing."

"Will you abide by what Mage Wilson says?" Hadyn asked into the silence.

Murmurs started up until one voice called out 'yes' and soon the whole room agreed. "Good," Gabriella said firmly once the noise had died down. "I'd hate to do this for nothing."

She turned to Aiden and reached carefully for him. Aiden shrank back and his Elementals growled. Hadyn crouched down behind him placing a hand on Aiden's back. "She's not going to hurt you, Aiden. She's just looking like Zalan did, remember? He never hurt you."

Aiden nodded slowly and settled. As he calmed Blaze and Zach fell silent and Hadyn nodded to Gabriella. She took a deep breath and placed her fingertips on Aiden's temples.

The whole room watched with baited breath as Aiden's eyes closed and he relaxed. Hadyn supported him watching Gabriella's face as she searched through Aiden's memories. It seemed to take forever, but was really only a few minutes before her hands dropped and she took three careful steps backwards. Aiden blinked his eyes open and turned slightly to look up at Hadyn.

"All done?" he asked.

"Yes, Aiden, all done," Hadyn confirmed. "You can go sit back with Kerien now, ok?"

"'Kay," Aiden said rising to his feet and returning to his chair.

"Well?" Perry demanded.

Very slowly, Gabriella turned to him. He flinched back at what he saw in her eyes. "I can tell you with absolute certainty," she said hollowly, "that Aiden the Firemage is no more. I can also tell you that the Firemage was nothing more than a pawn of Polly Becket. The Firemage is dead, all that remains is Aiden."

"No," Perry growled.

Gabriella glared fiercely at him. "Back off, Davey," she snapped, "or I'll shove some of his memories at you. I'll let you see what they've hidden from him and I'll watch as your mind cracks with it."

Perry stepped back sharply. "Now, Gabby."

"Don't you 'now Gabby' me! I'm going to have nightmares for months all because you and everyone else couldn't just take Hadyn's word for it!" she shouted. "Leave him alone. He doesn't deserve to die for Polly's actions."

A murmur of agreement swelled behind him and Perry deflated and scurried back to his seat muttering apologies.

Gabriella turned on Hadyn. "Don't you ever let him remember. Not ever. He is better off eternally a child than having memories of what was done to him," she said fiercely.

"I'll make sure of it," Hadyn assured her. "Everyone is dismissed," he said raising his voice slightly.

Slowly everyone gathered their things and left. Many, as Hadyn knew they would, approached Gabriella wanting further confirmation. It was one of the main reasons that Hadyn had agreed to take her home the next day. He didn't want her hounded with questions. No one brought up Aiden to him or Felicity again.


It took them over a month after getting the problem with Aiden settled to get all of the children and mages sent off to their new homes. War was quick, the clean-up not so much. It would take even longer to get everything truly put together. Aiden had been taken to Hadyn's pack house just that morning. Bob was watching him and keeping him entertained with the children. His Elementals were in close attendance so there would be no mishaps. Felicity, Kerien, and Hadyn were the only ones left in the building. Silently the three of them left and climbed the hill to stare down at the building that had hidden so much fear and pain.

"What are you going to do?" Felicity asked finally.

"Transform it into a monument," Hadyn answered, his eyes still on the building. "I know the names of the ones killed in the takeover. I'll add their names myself and all that I know the Council killed, but others will have to be added. Everyone the different Councils silenced over the years they ruled."

"We'll work on it," Felicity said softly. She frowned then sighed. "Seim, can you take me to our school? Miles is having some trouble."

~No problem,"~ Seim answered, landing on her shoulder. ~I'll be right back, Hadyn.~ The two of them vanished and moments later Seim reappeared alone.

~Are we ready now?~ Mel asked.

"Yes," Hadyn whispered gathering his magic. He could feel the Elementals drawing as much magic as they could hold. They rose above his head spiraling over the building as Hadyn focused on what he wanted. He released the magic and watched as the building shuddered, cracked and melted, shifting to reform as he willed.

Kerien stared in awe at the five sided structure. Pedestals sat on it with the symbols of all the races on them in beautiful sculptures. Slowly he followed Hadyn down the hill to it. It was seven feet tall and easily three hundred feet long on each side.

Hadyn stared at the blank wall for a moment and then laid his hand upon it. Slowly he walked down the side of it and as he went names carved themselves into the stone. Some Kerien knew, some he didn't. He wasn't surprised when the name Beth Whitney appeared.

Finally Hadyn stopped and looked back. Kerien had stopped following him some time earlier. He was standing staring at a certain point of the wall. Hadyn knew exactly what name he was looking at. Very slowly he walked back to Kerien. "I'm sorry," he murmured looking at his feet.

Kerien didn't even hesitate, just pulled Hadyn close. "It wasn't your fault. We all knew the risks were high," Kerien said staring at his fathers' name. Logan and the other pack members they'd lost had been transported back to their homes for proper burials. "And I know my father would have thought this worth it. Now we can manage ourselves with no fear of the Guild."

"The Guild doesn't exist anymore," Hadyn murmured. "That stupid prophesy really did come true even if it wasn't what people thought it should be."

Kerien gave him a curious look. "What did it actually say?"

Hadyn chuckled softly. "It was so blasted cryptic. 'Beware the Mage who walks with wolves and outside of fate for they herald the fall of the Guild and the rise of a new era.' I suppose this is a new era, but we won't know for sure if it's good for years to come."

"…One sentence? That's it? One blasted sentence is what they were so afraid of?" Kerien asked incredulous.

Hadyn laughed pulling away from him. "The amount doesn't matter. The context does. The thought that they could cease to exist is what scared them. There were many mages who believed it meant our powers would die and we would be nothing but normal people."

"Normal's not so bad," Kerien said with a shrug.

Hadyn shook his head. "What do you know about normal? You're a Werewolf not a normal person."

"I know normal for a Werewolf," Kerien offered. "And that's what you get anyway. Can't get rid of your pack now. You have the Malory and McKinnon stamp of approval. No one can take your pack from you."

Hadyn sighed. "I still wish so many hadn't died," he said looking back at the names. "These are only the people Felicity told me and the ones I remember from my childhood. Hundreds more still need to be added. Everyone who died at their hands over the years."

Kerien tugged him away. "Stop thinking about it. It is in the past and there is nothing we can do to change it. Now we just need to build a better future."

"How are we going to do that?" Hadyn asked following him back up the hill.

"By living out our lives without fear," Kerien answered. "By going to work and coming home to people who care about you."

"That won't help the world," Hadyn pointed out looking back again.

"Sure it will," Kerien told him. "We'll set an example and the world can follow if it wants. We're not responsible for the whole world, Hadyn. We're only responsible for us and our pack."

Hadyn rolled his eyes. "And the school I'm now in charge of," he pointed out.

"You're not in charge, Miles is," Kerien pointed out. "You're set up as the last say in all of the schools. I think it's because you were the focus of so many of us. You were what we all had in common and when asked, everyone is going to look to you for answers."

"What if I don't know the answer?" Hadyn muttered sourly as Keev landed on his shoulder.

"Make something up," Kerien answered promptly. "Fake it until you make it. No one will know the difference anyway and really you're smarter than anyone else they could put in this position."

"I plan on easing out of it anyway," Hadyn replied. "It's too much power for any one person and we're not making another council for it."

Kerien shuddered. "Definitely not."

"How long do you think it will take?"

"Before you're not in charge anymore?"


"You might have to die to get out of it," Kerien said seriously.

Hadyn glared at him.

Kerien laughed. "A decade or so?" he offered. "Most of the North and South American schools are already managing on their own. It will take a while for the rest of them to reach the same level of competence."

~Do we get to go home now?~ Keev grumbled.

~I'm hungry,~ Seim admitted. ~And I really miss the kids.~

"Yeah," Hadyn said looking back at the monument once more. "Let's go home." He wrapped his arm around Kerien's waist as Seim landed on his shoulder and all of them vanished. Hadyn for one was determined to never go back again.

The End

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