by, Cassandra

Why do you want to tear me down?
I'm finally standing tall, speaking out.
Finally strong enough to fight back, bite back.

Am I finally a threat to you?
Do I finally scare you, too?

You use every trick up your sleeve,
trying to make me cry.
But I'm not so naïve these days.

Little girl has finally had enough.
Little girl has finally grown up.
Your little girl ain't so little anymore.

And that terrifies you, doesn't it?

I'm pulling free of your hold.
I'm moving out of your control.
The things I've been saying
scare the fuck out of you.

The things I can be you can't
even begin to comprehend.

Little girl is finally acting up.
Little girl is finally breaking out.
Little girl is just daring you to try
and hold her back.

I finally know what it's
like to love myself.

I finally know what it's
like to believe in myself.

I won't let you fuck that up.

(why do you always try
so hard to bring me down?)