Please. Just stop.
Stop pushing and shoving and pulling and breaking.
It's all the little things,
And they're adding up quickly.

Why can't you leave me alone?
I have limits, so why can't you respect them,
And realize that you're pushing me farther away?
I can't take it anymore.

The little things that you think small,
Are growing rather large in my brain,
So why can't you consider my feelings?
I'm not a brat, but use your brain.

I'm not a doll that you can play with.
I have feelings and I am not a sociopath,
Contrary to your belief. I am a living,
Breathing person, who's had enough already.

When you realize what you're doing,
I hope it's not too late. But I hope you see
That all the little things are adding up, so stop
Pushing and shoving and pulling and breaking.

I am breakable just like you.
But pull a little more, and I fear I might explode.