Thunderous booms; lies and tales.

You can have anything your heart desires,

from the golden rays of the sun

to the mystic waves of the seas.

Simply answer but one question for me:

what is it all worth?

In the end you have it all,

but what defines 'everything'?

Life, existence, goes on for eternity.

It has no life expectancy.

Centuries and decades

are but grains of sand on a gigantic beach.

This is time, immortal and strong.

Life is what it is, both beautiful and ugly.

Everything is simple... and complex.

You try to define it, but this task is impossible.

There is no price, no bargaining chip.

Nothing that could be used to gain understanding.

Not even a few well-placed words.

But we humans try.

There is no satisfaction for us without answers.

Eternity is everlasting, but we want to know

how long does it really go?

Will we ever know?