The Cult

Tim Koneg could do nothing but watch as the white robed men tied him to a cross in a dark room he presumed to be the basement of the church he was in. The only light in the room was dim lamp standing on one of the tables. Tim shouted at the top of his lungs for help, and was met with complete silence.

The two men just stayed in the dark corner of the room. He could tell they were reading something, but it was far too dark to tell what it was. The two men began to whisper to each other. They were far out of ear shot for Tim; he could only hope they were talking about letting him go. He was dead wrong.

The two men walked up the stairs that brought him to this prison. The two men walked to the man in charge of the of the following.

"Is the sacrifice ready?" Asked Jackson. His robe was much longer than the others, and instead of being pure white it had red stripes going vertically across it.

"Yes sir, he is tied to the cross and ready to serve his purpose." Alex said, pulling down his hood to reveal a giant scar across his left eye.

"Good, you and Nathan go bring him up so we can begin."

Tim was trying to stay calm, but with each passing breath it became harder and harder. Every second that passed the room seemed to grow darker and darker. It seemed as if the darkness was trying to swallow him. He tried to struggle against the rope keeping his hands tied down to the cross. He saw Alex and Nathan coming back down the stair and began struggling even harder against his bounds; he could feel the rope digging into the skin of his wrists. It was a useless effort.

Alex and Nathan walked around and each grabbed a side of the cross. Again, Tim is screaming with all his lungs, trying to get anyone to help him. They carry him up the stairs and to the giant stage in the church. Tim could feel his heart threatening to pound out of his chest.

They set the cross down in the middle of the stage and tied it up so it would stand on its own. Alex walked around and tied a blind fold around Tim's eyes. Tim's breathing quickened, now he couldn't see anything but darkness.

"I am glad to welcome all of you here once again for the annual ceremony. I am proud to announce that within the last year we have recruited twenty new people into this wonderful organization we have. We are proud to welcome them to the family." Applause and cheers filled the once silent church.

"This year I am proud to have Alex to the honors. He has been active for ten years and has rightly deserved the honor."

Alex walked up to where Jackson once stood.

"Now, I would like us to begin the chant." The whole room began chanting the same thing in some language that could not be understood. Alex reached for the long sacrificial dagger; its long steel blade reflected the lights. He picked up a cup that was next to the dagger and made his way over to Tim.

He held the dagger up to Tim's chest as the chanting increased in volume. Tim's whole body was dripping in sweat. Alex stabbed the dagger into Tim's chest with all his might, and then slashed across the chest. He quickly held the cup up to blood now slowly pouring its way out of the wound. Once the cup was full he brought it over to Jackson, who drank the entire glass.

Jackson made his way over to the podium and the chanting stopped.

"Another ceremony that when off with no trouble. I will see you all again next year, with hopefully another great sacrifice."