South Carolina: Summer

"Ivy," Kate said excitedly. "Did you see that? Adam won! He won!"

Ivy could hear her friend jigging in the bleacher beside her as said friend watched Kate and Ivy's shared cousin, Adam, run the track race. Ivy smiled. No, she hadn't seen it. Blind people couldn't see. Kate had simply gotten caught up in the moment, as she was so prone to do.

Ivy had heard it though. She'd felt it too. She'd heard Kate breathing "Just a little faster, Adam, faster…" She'd felt her friend's arm tense up where they touched. She'd known it was coming.

She'd imagined Adam's face as he broke through the finish line. And she had been able to enjoy that while Kate sat stressing out beside her. Her imagination wasn't hindered by the fact of what she saw. She could concentrate in her mind's eye on Adam's jubilee. She didn't have to catch sight of his defeated, disappointed opponents. She didn't have that to dampen her spirits.

Ivy could just imagine, and see just what she wanted to see.

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