"Prepare yourself!" instructed Kronos as he took a stance of his own. Intra rushed at him, making Kronos shake his head. "A head on attack won't work against the Messiah, or me; why are you being so foolish?"

"I know what I'm doing!" shouted Intra back, secretly preparing a spell in his hand. Kronos took off towards his pupil, as a magical aura surrounded his fist and feet. Intra narrowly evaded his attacks, awaiting for and opening. Kronos, however, refused to give him one, and finally connected with a kick to his chest. In another swift move, he shot a strong fireball to the still airborne Intra, who instead of trying to block, he guarded. He was engulfed in an explosion, but he still focused on his attack. Kronos then raised two fingers on each hand and began to maneuver them in a very intricate way. The smoke cleared from around Intra, and he got right back up and dashed at Kronos, again.

"Why aren't you doing anything I taught you?" asked Kronos angrily. "Disregarding your master's instruction is extremely disrespectful!"

"This isn't a lesson, this is a sparring match!" retorted Intra. Kronos shot two bolts of dark green lightning from his outstretched fingers. They traveled almost instantaneously. Kronos was shocked at how easily he dodged the bolts. Kronos himself could dodge most things easily, due to his ability to slow time for a brief moment, but for Intra, it seemed to be solely based on instinct. Kronos decided that he was going to momentarily take to hand to hand fighting again, to throw off Intra. This, however, was what he was waiting for. Kronos punches were enhanced, and much faster than the last time. Intra knew that finding an opening in his melee was next to impossible, so he took several punches, before unleashing his spell. The same brilliant blue light that he used against the Messiah erupted from his palm, as Kronos' body began to spasm as electricity began to course through him. He gritted his teeth, but he had never seen such a spell before. Intra then began to do the same lightning spell Kronos was using earlier. Just before he shot, Kronos jumped to the side, but he still go hit. He shouted in pain, as he repeatedly got struck. Eventually Intra tired himself out, and almost collapsed in exhaustion. Kronos stood up, a few moments after the electricity stopped, and stared at Intra in amazement. If he had just a little more stamina, he would have knocked him out.

"Where did you learn that spell?" asked Kronos, as he limped towards him. The muscles in his legs, as well as his arms, weren't functioning perfectly at the moment. "That was incredibly powerful."

"I don't know," he said, as he tried to get up. "I just did it one day against the Messiah. I wanted to tell you, but I didn't know to explain it."

"Why haven't you showed me this before? You preformed it excellently."

"Because I've never been able to do it at will, I've only done it when I was hurt, or angry." Kronos' eye widened. Is that why he took all those hits from him? It must have been so, otherwise he'd have easily dodged those moves.

"I see. Well let's go to the market for some food and supplies." Intra nodded, and ran inside to change into civilian clothes. The Messiah had banned anybody from being a wizard without being registered to him first. The all have a special necklace that would secretly limit their power, as well as track them where ever they were. Intra's clothes was simple trousers and a plain work shirt, while Kronos wore a long faded brown trench coat, his black fedora hat, and his black combat boots. He had the figure of an ex-solider, so nobody questioned it. The Minutemen then left, walking down the mountainous trail. It wasn't really all too far, but the turns, twists, and hills you have to pass made it a rather long and tiresome journey. Within an hour they had arrived in the marketplace, and Kronos began to buy the simple necessities. Intra gains permission to free roam, and he heads to the edge of town. He then began to think to himself. 'Did I invent this spell?' he asked himself, gazing at his hands in wonder. He continued to walk around aimlessly. 'Even Kronos said it was powerful, and I hadn't even injured him when I preformed it. Does this mean I have a final finisher?' Intra looked up with a smile, as he bumped into a large man, wearing a bright set of ruby robes. He didn't seem to be a very forgiving man.

"Hey you brat! Watch where you're going, you little punk!" he shouted. Intra looked at him, apologetically.

"I'm sorry sir, I was just-"

"Shut up! I didn't give you permission to speak!" he said. He snapped his fingers, and two more robed man, and woman showed up. The man wore green, as the woman wore a soft blue color.

"Is this guy giving you trouble?" asked the man. The woman, however frowned.

"Come on Pyro, leave him alone" she said. "He's just a kid."

" That's the problem with this generation Sapphire, the little punks think they are hot shit, and can disrespect their superiors! I think he needs to be taught a lesson!" replied the other man.

"I agree with Axel. This punk just walked up to me and tried to shove me out of his way" claimed Pyro. Intra, however was getting seriously irritated. They were talking as if he wasn't there!

"I apologized, sir" Intra replied. The two males looked at him with a deadly glare.

"You little piece of shit, did I say you could talk now? I don't think so" Pyro then reached into his sleeve, and pulled out a short wand. "I am going to kill you slowly the next time you speak out of line."

"Pyro! Cut him a break!" interrupted Sapphire. She turned to Intra. "Look just go, ok?" Intra nodded and turned around and walked away briskly at first, then ran.

"What the fuck Sapphire?" shouted Axel. "Who do you think you are?"

"He's just a kid! You guys have really changed, you know that?" she retorted. "The second the Messiah registered you two as artificial wizards, you are just a couple of bullies!"

"You don't get it do you?" asked Pyro. "I'm in charge of this little group of ours. If you don't like it, then get the fuck out of here! Axel and I can handle ourselves."

"Fine I will!" she shouted, turning around. She only took a few steps, before she was hit with a cheap shot form Axel. She flew into a building, and hit the wall with great force. Pyro then walked over to her very menacingly.

"That offer was rhetorical, you stupid tramp" he said, grabbing her hair and lifting her to make eye contact. "You know, me and Axel will do this alone, but you're not getting off so easily." His free hand began to engulf in flames. From where Intra was, he heard a blood curling shriek. Kronos was nearby, and saw Intra's expression of panic.

"What was that?" he asked. He had a feeling that his apprentice had something to do with it. Instantly, he appeared by Intra, and everybody around them stopped moving. Kronos has used his time stop spell.

"This group of what looked like wizards tried to mug me, but one of them stopped them, and let me go. I wanted to fight them, but I know you'd tell me that it would be dangerous." Kronos nodded, but he wasn't going to make run off this time.

"Let's go" he said. Intra expected to be going home, but Kronos headed to where Intra had come from. "We're going to take care of these thugs." He then grabbed Intra, and the two of them flashed in a burst of speed. The time spell wore off, and they saw what had resulted. Sapphire was on the ground, unmoving and badly burned. Axel was smiling, as Pyro flicked his wrist, as if he had just punched something to hard.

"Stop right there!" shouted Kronos. His face was covered by his hat.

"Who are you supposed to be?" asked Axel. He then noticed Intra in the background. "that little punk's dad?"

"Oh no," replied Kronos. "I'm somebody much worse than his father. I'm his mentor. Now if you two think bullying my apprentice is all right, you have another thing coming."

"His mentor?" asked Pyro. "You two are wizards too?"

"Indeed, but we'll be the only two left when I'm done with you." Kronos then removed his hat, revealing his glowing blue eyes, showing off how powerful he was.

"Nice trick old man" replied Axel. "But you can't handle us both." Pyro and Axel both gathered energy for their own respective spells, as Kronos prepared his. Intra went to check on Sapphire, who took the blow he would have if she didn't step in. Pyro shot out a giant wave of fire, as Axel shook the ground making jagged rocks come up from under Kronos. The time wizard, remained calm, and clapped his hands together, making a huge shockwave, brushing both spells aside. He then rushed at the two of them, hands crackling with lightning. They two wizards jumped to the sides, but Kronos seemed to have made a clone, as he was fighting them at the same time, in two different places.

"What is this?" asked Pyro, as he narrowly dodged a strike to his head. He tried to hit back, but it was like hitting a ghost. "Why can't I hit you?"

Axel on the other hand was getting beat into a pulp, and was already bleeding from his mouth, barely being able to stand on his own. Kronos then swept his legs, and axed kicked him in the chest, with a lightning kick. Axel's heart immediately stopped beating. Pyro looked at his fallen partner, and back at Kronos, who stopped the flurry of attacks.

"You do realize that he was registered, and his death will signal a ton of reinforcements to this spot in a few minutes, right?" Kronos simply laughed. "What's so funny?"

"You obviously don't know who I am. I can make time slow for as long as I have the energy to do so. What would be a couple minutes can and will extend to several hours." Pyro looked at him in hatred, but was suddenly shot with a strong force push spell. He violently hit the stone wall behind him. Kronos looked at his crazed student, who shot lightning from not two fingers, but his entire palm. The bolts hit Pyro, making him squirm uncontrollably. As the lightning stopped, Intra did a strange spell, that hadn't been seen in centuries. His arm morphed into a large blade-like weapon that stabbed through Pyro, instantly killing him. "What are you doing Intra?" shouted Kronos.

"He killed her!" he shouted in distressed anger, pointing to the woman in light blue robes. "He killed his own partner!"

"Intra, CALM!" he ordered. Instantly, Intra cooled down.

"I'm sorry, Master Kronos."

"Now tell me, what was that you just did, with your arm? That was alchemy. Merlin was the last person to see this kind of magic."

"I don't know it was just instinct" replied Intra. Suddenly something hit Intra. "Wasn't Merlin able to travel to different worlds?"

"Yes, he traveled through different dimensions, on several occasions, and tried to teach us, but we couldn't learn it. He figured that only certain people could learn it."

"What kind of people has learned it before?" asked Intra.

"We'll discuss this back at home we should get out of here." Intra nodded, and in seconds made the rainbow rift that took them home. "Where did this sudden interest in Merlin come from? You'd normally ask things about me or the Messiah."

"Well I saw you reading that book again last night, and you said that I could be the next Merlin, if not stronger. I just want to see if I'm following the right steps to become a great wizard."

"Intra, you make your own path, if you want to be great. Every wizard has to. Sure I had Merlin as a mentor, but he only guided me, I chose which paths to take. As you know the Messiah has taken the wrong path, but he started out just like me. I'm here to try to make sure you stay on the good side, not the corrupt side, but that is still your choice to make."

"So you're saying that I should what I think is right?" he asked. Kronos nodded. "Well would it be alright if I started reading some of the books you read? You never said I couldn't but I assumed they were off limits."

"They were when you didn't understand how powerful magic was, but now I see that you appreciate what you possess. Of course you can study them, but be warned now, sometimes what is written in the literature shouldn't be taken literal." Intra smiled, and thanked him. "well, help me with these supplies, we need to get home soon."

"Of course Master Kronos!" he exclaimed, grabbing an armful of baskets. They both walked back, through the winding path through the mountains. As they arrived, Intra grabbed the book that Kronos was studying the night before, and went to his room. Kronos smiled, seeing the renewed interest in learning. He looked at his gold pocket watch, and it read 8:25 PM.

"It's going to get dark soon Intra, don't stay up too late, we have a lot to do tomorrow." Intra called back to him saying he'd try not to. Kronos sighed, and went to his bookshelf and grabbed another book. It was an old children's book, but it was based on things that Merlin had 'watched'. Merlin was a few of the wizards who could jump between dimensions, and other planes of existence, but he rarely interfered. He'd watch things unfold, in a place where time had no effect on him. Kronos smiled as he read it. It was absurd that there were only a handful of wizards in these worlds. The strangest one was the known as the "Dark Angel". He resembled a winged cloaked skeletal figure with a scythe, and used magic that closely resembled his own, only it required one to say or chant a phrase of some sort to use it. He was occasionally seen carrying a book with the spells. 'I wish I could get my hands on that, it might help against the Messiah.' He read the book that really made him wonder what the sources of these people's powers were. Absentmindedly, he closed the book and put it back. It was no use, wishing for something unattainable. All it would ever lead to was disappointment. Meanwhile Intra was absorbing everything he read.

'Wow, these wizards were amazing!' he thought to himself. He was reading the greatest accomplishments of great wizards and witches of their time. A Witch known now as the Banshee, was able to dry out nearly twenty percent of the world's water supply. She later put it back due to having her demands met, but it amazed him, at the sheer power. A wizard known as the Creeping Shadow had saved the world from an asteroid that was going to wipe out everything. Unfortunately he was killed in this feat, but he was honored for generations to come. There was one wizard, who greatly interested him, but there was very little known about him. He was known simply Nix, meaning nobody, since he appeared from nowhere. Nix was a dimension jumper, like Merlin, only better. Merlin traveled from a few dimensions, but Nix had traveled to hundreds, if not thousands. He once boasted that he could jump not just through dimensions of space, but time as well. He told Merlin before he left that he would see the beginning of time, but afterwards, was never heard from again. Merlin had hypothesized that he had been placed in Limbo, where he will never escape. When Intra got to Merlin, he was amazed at the list of accomplishments he had done, but something caught his eye. There was an empty pair of lines at the end. He wondered what they were for, and thought he'd ask Kronos in the morning. He flipped though a few more pages, and saw the 'Prophecy'. Though a lot of it was charred, and illegible, what he did make out was what Kronos had told him before.
'The Guardians of Prophecy will rise against the False Prophet, and restore peace to the world once again. Then each of the unique Guardians shall return to their home …'
and that's all he could read. 'Home to where?' he thought. Kronos said not to take things literal, but so from what he could tell, everything said here was pretty accurate. If only he could decipher what was left, they could finally defeat the Messiah, and revoke all the stupid laws he had passed. He closed the book, as his eyes began to get heavy. Intra then went to sleep, still wondering about the prophecy.


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