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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

After a couple of years I thought I have had enough. I didn't want to wake up sore and broken any more and I also didn't want my relationship with my Mother to be like this for the rest of my life.
It all boiled down to two solutions. Either I help Mum with her drinking problem, or I leave. They both have advantages and disadvantages.
The first option, would undoubtedly be the hardest. But it will end up better for the both of us.
The second option, seems easier, but I would have to struggle to survive on people been generous.
I decided to go with the first one.

I woke up with the plan in my head and I have been putting it together all night. I thought I would get all the alcohol out of the house, and then hide her purse. I knew it was wrong, but isn't injuring your own child?
I woke up an hour earlier than usual and I sneaked around the house, into every nook and cranny. I ended up finding 2 wine bottles and 5 bottles of whisky. I put them in my school bag, and hid her purse, with the plan to throw away the drinks on the way to school.
I heard Mum getting up and I quickly went into my room, to see it was the time I was meant to be getting up. I quickly got changed into my long dark blue skirt, white blouse and navy blue tie. I tied the drinks together, so they wouldn't make as much noise and then I went outside to the kitchen to have breakfast.
"Good morning, Zoe! I trust that you had a good nights sleep." Mum greeted me.
"I did, what about you?"
"Alright, but I have the same horrid headache that I have every morning. I wonder why? I should see a doctor about it."
"You should" If anything, a doctor would be able to tell her, what she has been doing each night.
"I might make an appointment next week."
"Okay." Seeing a doctor is a push for her, she doesn't like accepting help, so I am not going to persuade her to make it sooner.

School has gotten a bit better, I am still friends with Suzanne and Trenner. But not as good friends as Dulcie and Sam, whom I still am in contact with.
The school work is getting hard, but what else do I expect when I am in grade 10? But the class where I forget all my troubles are, is maths. My maths teacher, Ms Conner, made me love maths and its ability to make you forget about everything, and make you only focus on the work.
School is an escape from my mother, but because I am dreading going home, the day goes faster. I wish it was the opposite.
"Hey Zoe" Suzanne said as she sat beside me in homegroup, "I know your Mum may not let you, but would you be able to come to the movies tonight?"
"Maybe, very slim chance. Is Trenner coming as well?"
"Yup, I just asked her."
"Okay, I will ask, although it is really slim."
At recess and lunch, Suzanne and Trenner were discussing about what we were going to watch. "What about 'The girl who cried wolf' it's a horror!" Trenner said.
"I don't like horror, what about 'rainy days' its about a girl who is always unhappy because of the dreadful weather."
I kept quiet during this, I didn't really mind which movie since I might not be going.
The bell rang and we went to our next class.
"Hello." I said as I walked into our house, "anybody home?"
"In the Lounge room." Mum said. I walked there and saw mum with a magazine. "How was your day?"
"Alright. Is it alright if I go to the movies tonight with Suzanne and Trenner?"
"What time is it?" Mum asked.
"Around seven."
"I guess it is alright since tomorrow is not a school day."
"Your welcome, you seem to need a night with your friends without your cranky mother." Mum said jokingly.
"Your not cranky." I said with the image of her about to hit me in my head. I went up to my room and started on my homework until Suzanne and Trenner came. Suzanne's Dad was dropping us off and picking us up. I decided to work on my maths work and I must have had got so absorbed because when I looked at the clock it was 6:00. I quickly got into some nice clothes and went downstairs and waited out on the front porch.
I heard the sound of Suzanne's Dad's ute coming down the road and I took my time getting up, since the ute was so loud that you could hear it from a couple of streets away.
It parked outside our house and I called into the house and said goodbye and quickly got into the ute.
"We decided to watch 'The girl who cried wolf' is that alright with you?"
"Yeah, sure." I replied.
When we arrived at the movies Suzanne's Dad said that he would be back when the movie was finished. When he left we all went to the snack bar and when thirds on a large popcorn and three drinks. Then we went into the cinema.

"How was it?" Suzanne's Dad asked.
"It was scary." Suzanne replied.
"No, it was awesome!" Trenner said.
"What did you think about it, Zoe?"
"It was alright." I said while shrugging my shoulders.
We hopped in the ute and headed home. When they dropped me off, I said goodbye and thankyou and I hurried into the house. I knew for sure that this won't be pleasant. When I opened the door, I saw Mum with a bottle of whisky in her hand. She found her purse.
"Why are you late." Mother slurred.

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