The Zachary and the Annoying Elf/Fairy Thing

I was sitting in my worn down chair trying to get comfortable. To no surprise my daughter Pink Leaf came running towards me " Hi Dad what ya doing" I sighed of course my daughter had to talk to me about something. These Leaves I don't know what to do with them I married my wife Pink Leaf (Zachary Law every Leaf with Pink colored hair had to be named pink Leaf sound confusing to you outlanders its common to us. We were happy since the original Zachary was eighteen in his realm every Zachary and Creation stopped at eighteen however my wife and I should be in our thirties. " Dad if I'm a fairy elf mix how come I'm human sized". "Keck (f or s word in this case f) why do you always ask that question" I said annoyed. " Just a question" Pink Leaf protested I looked at my daughter who was nine years of age always the same appearance bright shirt and pants and of course the Leaves trade mark high stockings colored in what ever color they were in the Pink Leaves case light pink and dark pink. "shouldn't you be out with your mom" I asked. " too answer your previous question pinks (that her nickname) the fairies and elves where the original Zachary were small however his creation like you and your mother are human size" I found myself trying my best not to laugh at my daughter silly question. " By the way mom says she out shopping and wanted me to walk home since I always complain what mom gets" Pink Leaf pouted. I love my wife and daughter but sometimes they were annoying but I loved them both. " Dad can I have ten loya's" (our currency named after the original Zachary last name boy he really loves himself or he just likes clones of himself and leaves. " You're not going to buy more of those role-playing miniatures are you cause I think the goblin encounters are good enough plus your mother and I are still learning how to play the damn game" boy the was a long question. " no I was going to buy some candy and small soda". "alright but this is coming out of your allowance" I said in a stern voice why am I always so rude but since Pink Leaf stayed at the house she was now unfased she ran off gleefully out the door. "Leaves you got to love them" I sighed as I went back trying to get comfortable in the chair " Hey honey I'm back" "Damn" I sighed as I got up from my chair.