Summary: Shiina is a girl born sometime in the future, when the technology is advanced enough that anything can be created through a person's aura power. Shiina grows up to be a professional shooter, and all is well until her best friend betrays her and steals her first true love... What will happen...?

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Chapter 1

A slim figure stood out in the chilling rain.

Her black hair clung to her face, and her clothes were soaked that one could almost see the skin underneath.

Small puffs of breath appeared and disappeared from her blue lips.

Facing her was another figure; two, to be more exact—a blonde haired boy and a brown haired girl.

"…I don't care what you do to me, Shiina," the brunette girl said to the other; her voice was shaking a little. "But don't do anything to Rae."

The black haired girl—Shiina—looked up. Her bangs shifted from her eyes, revealing her brown irises that were filled with rage. She lifted up her hand and black energy started to gather around and between her fingers. A pistol formed in her hand.

"People change over time, Lilia," Shiina whispered. "No matter how long you've known a person, if she gets betrayed… they change."

Her fingers pulled the trigger. And the bullet shot out from the gun—toward Lilia and Rae. Lilia shut her eyes, bracing herself for the death about to come, and Rae instantly wrapped his arms around Lilia.

But the bullet never did hit them; it wasn't intentioned to kill them.

The bullet curved around them, and instead pierced through the smiling Shiina's stomach.

When Shiina opened her eyes, she was surrounded by medical equipments and electronics that kept her alive. She blankly scanned the room, and she saw a blonde male and a brunette female sitting next to her while clinging to each other.

Shiina stirred a little, and the blonde caught the movement. He immediately stood up and towered over her.

"Shiina!" he said in an urgent voice. "Are you alright?"

The girl was now up too. Tears were streaking down her pretty face.

"I'm sorry, Shiina," she murmured. "I'm so sorry…"

Shiina gazed upon the two. She opened her mouth, and the two visitors watched her hopefully. But their faces twisted with horror and agony as Shiina spoke.

"Who are you?"

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