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Chapter 4

Shiina's memories were back.

She was half glad and half frustrated.

When she had heard Lilia and Rae talk, something had clicked inside of her. Maybe it was the whole conversation they were having that triggered her memories to come back.

-Few hours ago…-

"—About Shiina…" Lilia said, eyebrows creasing as she tried to hold back the rest of her tears.

Rae held her close to him, arms protectively around her. "Shh… you don't have to say anything."

"But it's MY fault that she's…" Lilia trailed off, sobbing again. "If only I hadn't fallen in love with you… she'd still be…"

Rae frowned as he buried his face in Lilia's auburn hair. "You don't have to worry about that," he said. He hesitated before continuing with a tight voice. "Even… even if you didn't love me… I would love you more than Shiina."

Shiina leaned back against the backset of her bed with a stuttering sigh. She closed her eyes to keep the tears from falling.

Now that she remembered everything… it hurt.

She and Rae had been in a relationship. She had loved him for a long time, and Rae had finally returned her feelings.

Then yesterday, she had found out that she wasn't the one Rae had truly loved.

And Lilia shamelessly took him away from her without hesitation.

Shiina still didn't know why she hadn't shot Lilia when she had the chance to.

Why had she made the bullet curve around, and instead hit her?

I'll never forgive her…

She dares to still call herself a friend…

A friend…

I'll never forgive her…

I'll… I'll kill—

Just then, a knock echoed inside the all-too wide hospital room. The door swung open, and Rae walked in.

Shiina was about to smile… when from behind him, the said brunette followed.

Her face muscles tensed, and she felt anger bubble inside of her. But she managed to keep her face clear of any emotions… or so she hoped.

Lilia walked up to Shiina with a timid smile.

"How are you feeling, Shiina?" she asked, taking in the raven haired girl's hand in hers.

'Oh, absolutely fine,' she thought to herself while staring blankly at the other girl.

Shiina knew why Rae loved Lilia instead of her.

First of all, Lilia was much prettier than she was. She had naturally wavy chocolate-colored hair that cascaded down her back to her waist. Her eyes were a mesmerizing shade of amber, and her facial features were perfect. She wasn't too tall, and she wasn't too short and had a slim figure.

Second, Lilia was smart and brave. She thought fast during battles, and she had what it took to be a leader. Top of class, straight-A student.

Third, her personality—Lilia was probably the kindest person anyone could ever meet in their lifetime. She always helped the poor, always helped the kids with their studies.

Everything about Lilia screamed "perfect."

And Shiina knew that she was no match for this girl.

Rae—Rae had golden hair that seemed to turn white in the light; and he had matching emerald eyes. He was tall and brawny with very slightly tanned skin. He had everything that Lilia did—the perfect match.

Rae and Lilia were the two most popular people at school. It made sense—they both had brains, smartness, and looks.

…They were made for each other, Shiina had often heard many say.

"…Shiina?" Lilia's gentle voice brought Shiina back to reality.

Shiina dazedly turned her chocolate irises toward the girl. They caught the large hands on the brunette's shoulders—and they were connected to Rae.

She clenched her fists. "…My memories came back," she informed them as she didn't bother covering up the hatred that formed in her eyes.

Rae and Lilia both tensed. Rae smiled uneasily. "W—well, that's great!" he said, trying to sound enthusiastic.

"Very," Shiina hissed. Her face darkened as her black aura gathered around her hand. Black light flashed, and when it was gone, a pistol was resting in the raven-haired girl's hand, pointing at the couple.

"Shall we continue from where we left off, dear friends?"

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