You know what's stupid...Vegetarian meat.

I'm no vegetarian but I can safety say that vegetarian meat is just dumb and stupid. What is vegetarian meat anyways? Sounds like an oxymoron. If you do not have vegetarian meat in your area let me explain. Vegetarian meat or VM for short is just soy or gluten that's shaped into meat for vegetarians to enjoy and pretend that they have eaten some meat. This just boggles my mind.

Why do you want to eat vegetarian stuff modelled into meat? You might as well eat gluten or tofu just like that. I have personally tasted vegetarian meat and it tastes awful. Though the only VM I have admitted to enjoy is the roast pork (char siu). I know people want alternatives in presentation when it comes to vegetarian dishes but this is just pathetic. I mean we have so much vegetarian meat here. Mock duck, mock chicken, mock fish (I think there's a mock fish). I even research upon something called "meatless meatballs" (like…what?).

If you want to consume meat…eat the real thing for god's sakes. Don't just pretend to eat something that looks like meat and say you have done it, liars!

I have no problems with eating vegetables; in fact I love my leafy greens. I can eat my leafy greens for months alone…if it's fried in pig fat.

Although time will move on and people will make better tasting VMs overtime but in my opinion, vegetarian meat is just something that doesn't and will never make sense to me.

A/N: Sorry for the pint size rant if it doesn't make sense. All these just came right out of my head. It's just something for a mutual understanding and I do not want any vegetarians arguing with me about stuff that's vegetarian related.