You know what's stupid? Drumstick in a biscuit

Recently I had discovered some delicious snacks named chicken in a basket. So what is chicken in a biscuit? I guess I don't have to explain further.

They may be just biscuits, but they are just so heavenly. Delicious biscuits that just seems to melt in your mouth, the taste of chicken that makes your tongue do the tango and the cancerous inducing amounts of mono sodium glutamate just makes this snack to be so seductive and addicting, I'm hooked to it!

So you're here thinking, how the hell is some artificial chicken flavoured snack stupid? Well I'm not done yet.

Apparently CIAB has two more flavours, cheese in a biscuit and also drumstick in a biscuit. Long story's short, cheese in a biscuit sucked ass. But then drumstick in a biscuit was so heavenly, it's taste was so amazing that it had me gone for seconds and thirds as well. It just melts in your mouth and allows your tongue to do the waltz as the MSG laden biscuit creams itself all over your mouth. It almost tasted like chicken. Wait...chicken, drumstick...isn't drumstick made from the parts of a chicken?

Now that my folks is why drumstick in a biscuit is stupid.