You know what's stupid…Gangnam style

A/N: this chapter was supposed to be written a few months ago and now it has kind of lost its purpose being published now. So read this chapter as if you're reading it three months ago and I guess the effect and impact of it would still be there

I live in a cave, so I do not know much about the outer world. To me life is just to eat, shit and sleep for now. So here's something I had learnt about last month.

Like I said in my last few rants that I was in conscription and so we were having a recruit's night. It's a celebration for recruits that have endured four months in basic military training and…I do not want to bore you with the details so let's just cut to the chase. During the recruit's night which was in a hall for all the recruits, I found club music and dancing and all those nice things and activities you would associate in a club but there was this one dance that got me intrigued. It was this dance that was so weird. It wasn't really hip-hop nor was it shuffling and everyone's dancing it and then the music was just Heyyyyyyy, sexy lay-there all the time and everyone was like reciting that same verse every time it came up and I was like what the fudge is this song and its weird dancing? And then I found out that it was "Gangnam style."

"Gangnam style" is a song created by South Korean singer songwriter Park Jae Sung who's better known to the world as PSY. This song is all about energy and crazy moves, hilarious and bombastic actions all rolled into one and it is the most viewed video on YouTube or online to be precise. Over one point two BILLION (and I stressed that out) views over six months, now that is insane. And it isn't the world's worse song like some other song out there that's singing about babies.

This song…oh my god is it so annoying because everyone's being dancing to it, albeit that it's catchy. For some reason everyone in the world especially America seems to fudging love this song and just dance to it the moment they hear it like it's a way of life now. Yes the famous dance move which derives from horseback riding.

So do I really hate this Gangnam style because by now its overrated like shat? To be honest I don't and in fact I loved it a lot which is kind of surprising coming from someone like myself; although I don't dance like a drunken equestrian wannabe whenever I hear the song. And to research about the song makes me love it even more because I like stuff that has a deeper meaning to it rather then it being just skin thin entertainment and this is something which I would always appreciate.

It's not all about crazy dancing and crazy lyrics as believe it or not; this song has a deeper meaning to it. It's about status and money and fame all in the city of Gangnam; and it's also a place where young aspiring Koreans travel to bask in fame. And often crashing and burning because of money and relationship problems because in Gangnam; if you don't have fame or money, you are nothing. And that's what the video is portraying and it portrays its well and to the point of satirical mockery.

Bottom line, Gangnam style is truly a masterpiece in its own way. It's a song that benefits everyone in my opinion. It brings back what music is supposed to be, it got the whole world united in joy and not to mention it brought a lot of attention to Korea and its increasing popularity which is K-pop and even everything that's related to South Korea.

Its refreshingly original, it's hilariously entertaining, it's over the top crazy yet down to earth humble at the same time and that's why the world loves this song. Because of this its worthy of global recognition and it will truly remain as a piece of influential pop culture. It will die down eventually but it has already cemented itself in music's hall of fame that would be celebrated forty to fifty years down the line.

If only the world stopped dancing every time they hear the chorus of this song…(sigh)

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