Book One: A wish long forgotten

Chapter One: The day the faith point me to you


"Look up in the sky, Saphia tell me what do you see?" my grandpa said to me.

It was during summer when I was just five years old, Grandpa Dari and I sat at the small hill just overlooking the camp grounds while we looked up in the sky.

"Hmm, I see the big dipper, oh and over there is Vega, and umm that one is Venus"

I remember saying to Grandpa while pointing at each star and constellation while saying their names and he laughed at me while patting my head. Grandpa Dari always had a smile on his slightly wrinkled looking face but I never thought of him as old. He had caring looking green eyes and his gray hair under his cap with the words "Camp Desideri Azzurri" on it.

"You think like those smart thinking scientist Saphia, think simple on this one" he said while winking at me.

Looking back in the star filled sky and thought about what grandpa said before leaning back to look at grandpa who was looking back at me with a playful smile on his face.

"Umm, I see bright stars in the sky" I said simply and he chuckled before patting my head.

"Yes, yes any child says that." He said before looking at the sky itself before pointing at my favorite star of all.

A beautiful star that shines just north of the constellation of the big dipper and right beside this medium sized star was this brightly light blue star that shifts colors from blue to red to white.

"Desideri Azzurri!" I said happily while looking at the star in awe.

Grandpa laughed while nodding his head before turning his own attention to the star.

"It was named after the camp right?" I asked and Grandpa nodded before giving me a gentle smile.

"A star that will always watch over our camp" he said with a calm tone.

"Like you grandpa" I said and we laughed together.

"Remember Saphia, Desideri Azzurri means Blue Wish in Italian. A blue star that grants wishes for short" he explained to me without looking at me but at the sky.

"A star used to be something people would look up to and place their wish upon it. But now only few continue to look up and wished on it, stars cannot be seen in some cities as well and only a handful appreciate its beauty anymore. Isn't it more fun to place a wish on a star than to just say it is a heavenly body that decorates the sky?" Grandpa said and I looked at him in confusion.

"But stars are heavenly bodies in outer spaces and wishing on a star doesn't mean they come true" I said back he patter my head

I always kept to heart what grandpa told me that very day and continued to grow my appreciation to the twinkling lights in the evening sky.

"The fun in wishing for the impossible is what keeps people to try their best to see it come true. Isn't that why we wish in the first place, hoping for the impossible to be possible and letting fate decide the outcome. But I promise you Saphia, such wishes do come true to those who keep to heart those wishes"

I smiled as I remembered those very words Grandpa Dari told me; it has been ten years since that very summer. Grandpa is now in a house within the quiet meadows in camp now that he retired from being an astrologist, but my family and I continued to run the camp he started when he was still very young. I love Camp Desideri Azzurri as well as the star it was named after.

"We better prepare the camp before the summer campers arrive" my little brother Orion pointed out.

He is two years younger than me but he's already two inch taller than me and acted like he was older from time to time which made me a bit annoyed by him. He had sandy blond hair which it slightly long that sometimes covers his deep black eyes he keeps it in place with either a bandana or a towel.

"Alright, but it's still a bit too early so come on and sit here and have breakfast" I said while patting the chair beside me.

Grabbing one of my waffles before going out the door which meant he didn't want to relax. I sighed thinking how he's recently became so serious and well annoying but let it slide and ate my perfectly good breakfast.

My name is Saphia Reylarns, the granddaughter of the owner of Camp Desideri Azzuri a camp for astrology. The camp is open year round but during the summer we open a special summer camp for kids to teenagers with a lot of fun activities and well teach those fun things about space and stars. Our house is inside camp and during the summer both Orion and I help out in camp since it's always the busiest time of the year.

"Once you're done with breakfast make sure the other camp councilors eats as well and also, would you mind posting the day's activities on the bulletin boards across camp" my mom asked while handling me the papers.

I nodded before drinking the last bit of my orange juice and running out the house while greeting some of the other councilors good morning. Just another typical summer in Camp Desideri Azzurri, after posting the day's activity I spotted Tyson Lewis one of the activity heads.

"Hey Tyson" I said as he walks out of his room while putting on the camp's blue jacket.

"Mornin' Saphia" he said with a smile on his face.

Tyson is also like a junior councilor since he's only seventeen but he and I go way back as close friends at camp. He's tall and slightly muscular, he's African-American but his skin color is lighter than his father's or his two older brothers. His brothers think he got it from his mother's side since she's albino but he has the same puppy brown eyes like his brothers. Today he wore his favorite number one gamer cap and from his mood I have a feeling he's done a prank on his brothers again as always to welcome the start of summer camp.

"So um do you have it?" I asked casually as we walked towards the cabins and I heard Tyson chuckling.

I blushed slightly and he just waved a black clip board with the names of the summer campers that are coming over.

"Let me see it" I said as I reached out for the clip board but he held it too high for my reach and I pouted

"Same as ever" he said and passed me the clip board and I just stuck out m tongue at him.

I looked over the names of all every teenager coming this year before sighing heavily and passing it back to him.

"Still nothing" I said in disappointment and Tyson didn't look surprised.

"Don't you think you should give up, I mean you've only met him like one summer and that was years ago" he pointed out but I just my head.

"He made me a promise and I'm gonna hold on to it" I said back and he rolled his eyes but I couldn't blame him since he heard me say it a lot times in the past.

I'm not much of a romantic girl ten years ago, a week after my talk with grandpa. I had my very own romantic event with a very sweet guy. It was during a hot summer's day where the campers were welcomed to cool down in the lake for the day and water based activities were on the agenda. I on the other hand didn't felt the need to cool down in the lake but instead went into the refreshing, cold shades of the trees in the forest.

I walked in the forest for quite a while and was lost in the beauty and music of the birds that I failed to notice the tree root which I tripped over or the slope on the other side. I rolled down hill before coming to a complete stop in an unfamiliar yet beautiful flower field deep in the forest. I also felt my left ankle throbbing with pain and I know it was sprained but thankfully not broken.

"What should I do" I mumbled while sitting up and leaning against a tree.

Calling for help would be useless since everyone was in camp and near the lake, no one would go into the woods and waiting for them to notice I was gone would take too much time before I either go hungry or thirsty and it wasn't hard to get thirsty on a hot day like that one but I had no other options.

"Someone, help me please!" I shouted repeatedly even though I knew it was useless.

When I was about to give up I heard footsteps coming towards me from the other end of the meadow, I looked at whoever was approaching and find a friendly smile of a boy probably around my age. He had a slightly messy salt and pepper color hair that is combed upward even though some locks of his hair was sticking in odd positions but his warm deep Persian blue eyes is what struck me the most.

"Are you alright?" he asked me as he approached me quickly and checked my foot.

"Who are you?" I asked since it was weird that I don't recognize his face.

He clearly wore the light blue Camp Desideri shirt but even I would have at least spotted him in camp even once.

"I'm Kei, Kei Friam" he said with a sweet smile on his face that made my heart jumped just seeing it.

Expertly he moved his hands over my ankle and I winced in pain slightly and even he looked worried.

"Looks like you've sprained your ankle badly" he said and I sighed on how much trouble I might get into once I get back to camp.

Then he looked around before suddenly turning around and his back faced me and I confused.

"I'll carry you back to camp, don't worry I know the way" he said and I was lucky he was looking away since my face was burning.

"Um, are you sure?" I asked stupidly and he chuckled.

"Don't worry, I may not look like it but I can do as much as this" he said and reluctantly I clung on to his back and he stood up and we walked out of the forest.

As we walked, I found it hard labor to make my heart to beat slower since this guy had this charm alright, he may not look as any prince in story books but he acts like a knight in shining armor. A sweet scent also hung on his clothes like fresh wild flowers.

"I forgot to introduce myself but I'm-"

"Saphia Reylarns, granddaughter of Darius Reylarns" he said and giving me a lop side grin

I laughed with him since I should have known that someone from Camp should already know me since Grandpa Dari owns it.

"So why haven't I seen you around camp then?" I asked curiously and he thought for a while before replying and I just counted the seconds with my heartbeat.

"Because, I'm just visiting here" he told me and a gentle breeze passed us.

I never had been alone with a guy outside my family before. I should be nervous or scared since it's my first time but to be honest. I feel at ease with talking with Kei, this may be the first time we met but I want to have more time with him.

"Why don't you stay for the summer?" I asked him and he looked at me slightly before looking away.

"It's my first time at camp so maybe staying the summer is okay" he said and I found myself smiling


"Sure why not, if I like this camp, maybe I'll see you next summer as well"

"Pinky swear me then"

I sighed, thinking that it's been ten years and I haven't seen his name even once on the list nor did he return the day after. But he did stay a night at camp.

"Do you really think this Kei Friam guy would come, in fact, does he even remember that promise" Tyson pointed out and I rolled my eyes

"Oh says the guy who remembers almost every girl he was rejected by since he was twelve" I said back and he looked at me with an annoyed look on his face.

"You just had to bring that up, do ya" he said back and I just patted his head even though I had to stand on my tiptoes to do it.

"I'm sure, I'll find him this year no doubt" I said in a determined way still believing that first love never dies when I bumped into something.

Sturdy hands kept me from falling back but I faced the most sadistic camper during the summer.

"Long time no see Saphia" he greeted me while giving me a smirk and I stepped back and looked at him in a very annoyed way.

He has sleek black hair that reminds me of a night when it's a new moon, and he wore a pair of wrap around RayBans over his eyes which he always refuse to remove saying that the sun hurts his eyes.

"You're early as ever Devin Segan" I said in a tired tone and he laughed before measuring his height with mine

It irritates me that this person is a very high leveled sadist and stops at nothing to annoy me every summer since he started coming here seven years ago.

"Huh, you're not growing an inch, I'm still way taller than you, Sappy the shortie" he pointed out and that's when I snapped.

"Who are you calling short!" I shouted and began chasing him and like always he's a fast runner.

To think that this summer, instead of hoping to find my first crush Kei Friam, I sadly have to babysit the obnoxious Devin Segan. This is gonna be a very long summer.


"Now you stay there and reflect on what you have done!" Saphia told me angrily before walking away grumbling about why I even bother coming to camp if I'm not serious about it.

I chuckled under my breath and watched as she walked off, her shoulder length silver blond hair that moves along with the morning breeze and her ever the same Gray eyes with specks of blue in them.

"She actually punishes me by making me sit on the porch steps to my cabin" I said to myself before finding myself smiling again.

At least she should be glad that I came back into camp. I thought before yawning slightly and closed my eyes, even though I wear sunglasses. Today is a really sunny start for summer.

"To think she's the same girl I'd saved ten years ago, although she's not the only one who'd changed over the years" I added before sitting back and watching the clouds go by above me.

The first time I've met Saphia was ten years ago when she asked for help after spraining her foot. I was sleeping under a cool shade just near the meadow where she was. I wandered within it in search for a good place to rest since I can't stand the sunlight.

"…Help!" a voice nearby said and I looked up.

I ran to find where the voice came from and that's when I have met her. I've heard of Darius Reylarns granddaughter is around my age but I've never expected to find her in the middle of the woods.

"Pinky swear…"

I sighed before watching a few more campers come in through the wooden arch of the entrance and Saphia welcomed them, I smiled remembering the smiling girl who made me love to step out and enjoy the daytime as much as the night.

"I kept my promise Saphia, yet you don't even remember me" I mumbled before yawning and decided to head inside and take a short nap before the welcoming speech to summer campers later.

I never enjoyed the bright sunlight, yeah I might be mistaken for a vampire but in truth my eyes aren't used to the brightness of the sun that doctors even prescribe me to constantly wear sunglasses. Umm I remember that it's called photophobia. Now it's not that I fear sunlight but my eyes cannot adjust to the brightness of daylight ever since I was very young like three years old.

"Still moping in here Devin?" the junior councilor Tyson said while entering my room.

"Hmm, is it the opening remarks already?" I asked and he laughed before sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Why don't you give Saphia a break this year" he asked me and a smirk appeared on my face.

"If I do that, then she won't pay me any attention" I said back in a monotone manner and he sighed.

"You guys do this every year so why bother doing this?" he said and I laughed before pushing the curtains over the small square window.

Then I sat up and rubbed my eyes slightly while thinking on how to deal with Tyson. He's a close person to Saphia but he's not the type that judges people so what the heck.

"Say, do you know anything about this guy that Saphia is been looking for every summer?" I asked bluntly and he looked at me in mild surprise.

"So you heard our conversation huh" he said before considering what to say to me but I just want to see how he'll react.

"Well Saphia tells me that she met this nice guy who has Persian blue eyes and salt and pepper hair with a really nice smile…" he stopped talking when I was laughing hysterically.

And that's when he hits me square on the top of my head and I groaned while he just smirked.

"Don't tell Saphia I told you these, but I'm also curious as to why are you so interested in catching Saphia's attention or going to camp in the first place with your eye conditions and all" he said and I sighed before closing my eyes and taking my shades off.

"I met the girl that showed me that even some good things can be seen in broad daylight and showed me a different world in the night." I said before pausing and he looked at me in shock as I opened my eyes.

From the mirror just behind him, I saw my reflection. My blue eyes were so visible even under the dark room.


"I'm still Devin Segan but my full name is Devin Kei Segan. Though my mom fills out the camp form under my first name" I explained but he still looked at me in confusion.

"But still, why hide it then?" he asked and I just gave him a slight smile before putting my shades back on and headed to the door.

"She thinks of me as a sadist, well it is fine by me. I'll just wait until she starts to notice" I said but he continues to give me a confused look but I didn't bother him and just went out into the bright sunny day.

I would have told her the year I came back to camp which was seven years ago…but the moment I came into camp attracting too much attention from the other girls and dumping them because of her. She marks me as trouble maker and a sadist and here I am thinking she doesn't recognize me at all.

"It may be my seventh year in camp Saphia but I'll make you recognize me before I tell you who I really am" I mumbled and I heard footsteps behind me.

"Hmm, so that's why huh" Tyson said while he stands beside me and sighs

"Maybe you are a sadist after all Devin or Kei or um what you want me to call you" he added before laughing and I laughed with him.

"Just call me Kei, and maybe you're right. I'm somewhat a sadist since I want to see different sides of Saphia as I tease her" I added before we walked down to the bound fire area of camp