Chapter Twelve:

Summer's End


"So you told him how you feel then?" Grandpa asked me when I was finally done telling him about Devin at his small little cabin outside Camp Desideri

It was the evening before the last day of summer camp, Orion and I decided to visit out our grandpa and ask him to come to the closing ceremony tomorrow when I told him what had happen to me the whole summer like I usually do, but instead of the hopeless, shattered dream of not meeting Kei, we ended up smiling and laughing at the events that took place the whole summer and how is was silly that both me and Kei didn't just told each other from the day we met again years ago.

"I haven't told him yet grandpa" I said and he looked at me in clear disappointment.

"She's chickening out on this one grandpa" Orion said from the living room and the rolled my eyes at his comment. One thing I hate about him is his radar ears that can even hear us from the kitchen.

"But from how to told me, it's pretty clear that he likes you too Saphia" Grandpa pointed out and I blushed hard and didn't looked at him straight in the eyes.

Sometimes I just think that's true after the days when he starts to share some things about his personal life and how he would only show me his genuine smiles but some part of me doubts that he trusts me completely or that I can trust him too. In the end maybe Orion is right and that I'm just chickening out on finding out how he feels about me and my feelings for him.

"I don't think I have the voice to tell him how I feel yet or that he is with me" I finally said and I hear Orion laugh from the living room before walking up in the kitchen with an amused look on his face.

"Please, he already told you how he felt remember or you just erased it from your mind since you are in complete denial" he said back and the look at him in confusion when he made a yawning gesture and my eyes widen in realization.

"I love you Sappy…"

"Tha-that doesn't count, he was teasing me back then!" I shouted in defense but Orion started to laugh hard and I realized something else.

"How'd you possibly know what happened that day, I mean you weren't even there" I said back and Orion smirked slightly.

"Doesn't matter how I know but right now, you haven't even answered him back yet whether you like him or not" Orion pointed out before heading to the fridge to get some ice cream sandwich and headed back to the living room.

Grandpa on the other hand just watched the two of us with a hint of amusement in his face like he was enjoying the little conversation we had but now that Orion reminded me of that faithful day I had back then. I don't know how to face Kei tomorrow when I clearly know it's his last day here and I won't get to see him unlit next summer. I sighed and looked at grandpa for some advice and he quickly got the message without me telling him.

"I think you should start tomorrow and say your feelings back to him clearly before the day ends" he said and I felt my heart racing from the thought.

"What if I can't?" I asked him nervously and grandpa smiling warmly and tuck a few strands of my hair behind my ear.

"Just keep in mind that time waits for no one, so you better say what you need to say before it's gone. It's better to regret what we did than regret not doing it" he added with a chuckle and I found myself smiling again before laughing along with him.

There's still time tomorrow so I really should start putting my best foot forward and get this over with. I thought over and over in my head thinking about the day tomorrow. One way or another I will tell you how I feel. I said to myself.


Last day of summer camp…last day of summer…last day…I yawned hugely when I realized how sleepy I still am even with the fact that I slept in and missed breakfast and lunch is like five minutes from now.

"Man you look tired for someone who just overslept while everyone else is packing to leave" Tyson, the one responsible for getting me up told me as we walked to the mess hall. I rubbed my eyes, not really wearing my sunglasses today since it's a nice cloudy day but I have a feeling the sun with show up later for the closing ceremony so I shouldn't get my hopes up that it'll stay cloudy.

"Haven't really began packing yet to be honest" I told him and Tyson stared at me in disbelief before shaking his head.

"Geez, you really are a slow mover, alright after you get your brunch maybe you should go back to your cabin and pack, the closing ceremony won't until after lunch and campers should leave by late afternoon which is 5 pm." Tyson explained to me before leaving me at the mess hall to get a good big meal.

While I ate I began to rewind the events that took place during my summer and found myself smiling happily at the memories of this year. I had my first kiss, I confessed to the girl that I love, she finally knew who I am and I told her about my family. So far I did a lot of progress in this summer than any other summers I had in the past.

"In the end, I still don't know how she feels about me" I mumbled to myself a bit disappointed at that but at least I finally told her how I felt which is what really counts.

Campers left and right are busy packing up their stuff and lugging them to camp's bus or their parents' cars before heading to the camp fire area where the closing ceremony would be held. I on the other hand went to my cabin and found that the place was completely deserted and empty, leave it to my cabin mates to be all happy and eager to do things faster than any other cabins.

The only thing that makes the place look like someone was here was my stuff at my own bunk. I hate packing; it's the thing that I am not good at. When I prepare for a trip everyone is in order but when it's time to put them back in the bag, they look like a disaster wear you place the clothes you didn't wear at the bottom of the bag and the dirtiest clothes on top. Or that the things you arranged perfectly ended up buried under other stuff. But the worst part would be that before the trip you can zip your bag that looks half full and in going how having problems closing the damn thing that looks overly packed.

"Finally!" I shouted in exhaustion when I was finally done packing my stuff in one backpack and one duffle bag that both looked ready to explode the moment I open them again.

I smiled, looking very pleased with how I did it but when I looked out the window it's already late in the afternoon and campers outside are already leaving. I checked my phone and sure enough, I have a message from my step dad saying that he's here to pick me up. I sighed thinking how I didn't got the time to say goodbye because of a trivial thing called packing.

"Sorry I'm late" I said when I ran up hill to greet my step dad who waited inside his car with a grin on his face.

"Don't sweat it kiddo, I know your little packing problems since we met" he said and winked while I groan thinking how embarrassing this all is when I heard someone shouting my name.

"Kei!" I turned around and was surprised when Saphia tackled me into a hug that I nearly fell down; she got me so surprised that I was speechless.

"Hey Sappy" I said and she looked at me slightly irritated.

"Damn it, I've been looking for you for a while and now I see you leaving just when I'm about to-" she hesitated with her words and blushed hard which was amusing at the same time surprising thing I see her do.

I leaned down to her eye level and saw that she was blushing so hard that I tried very hard not to laugh at her when suddenly she leans in and kissed me on the cheek before stepping back but I looked at her stunned.

"What was that-"

"You will come again next year right?" she asked quickly before I could finish my sentence and I could see the desperation in her eyes and somehow I knew why she looks like that, I sighed and patted her head gently.

"Who else would tease you when I'm gone Sappy, of course I'll be back" I said and winked at her and she smiled back.

"Good, because there's something I have to tell you, if I can't say it today maybe next year or-"

"Even if you don't say it, I think I know what you are trying to say" I told her this time cutting her sentence but she only looked down on the ground and nodded her head.

"Promise me then" she said and I laughed and she laughed before I stepped in the car and smiled at her.

"You know I always keep my promise"

"And this place will always make your wishes come true" she said back and I chuckled while my step dad watched us in amusement and ask if we can go already and for once I think I can leave this place happily and go back with a grin on my face.

"Bye Saphia" I said and I saw genuine surprise at her since it's the first time since we first met years ago that I said her name and not teasing her.

"See you next year Kei Friam" she said back with a grin as my car pulls out the camp.

I watched her stand by the gates, waving her hand in farewell and I waved back, then I look up and found the camp's star shining down in the late afternoon sky.

"Isn't that the camp star?" my step dad asked and I nodded before leaning back at my seat.

"Yup, the star that grant my wish" I said before closing my eyes never forgetting the summer and the camp that brought me to the girl who made my wish come true.

The End