She put her hands up and gathered her hair behind her head. Grabbing a large periwinkle coloured scrunchie from her pocket, which contrasted beautifully against her jet black-dyed hair, she was knocked to the ground. Her normally soft facial features twisted into an unattractive grimace and she stood up, eyeing the girl in front of her with disgust. Without removing her gaze she cracked her knuckles and cocked her head from side-to-side.

The hallway was bright and colourful, a large contrast from the grey and cloudy weather outside. It was cold and the wind gave each student an occasional shiver down their spines.

"Was that supposed to hurt - I'll give you a free shot, make it hurt this time," She taunted in an arrogant manner, "I'm sure you can at least bruise me."

Both girls were quite similar in height and build, both fairly tall, slim and toned. Though, they were almost completely opposite, on the inside and out. One girl had sunflower blond curls cascading down to her belly and the other had jet black, straight hair ending just above her shoulders in choppy layers. The girls' eyes were incomparable – the blond with deep-set chartreuse coloured eyes giving the innocent expression of a puppy and the black haired one sporting almond shaped honey brown eyes always radiating a stolid vibe.

Growing a smug look on her face, the blond girl's Cupid's-bow red lips curled into a sinister smile, "I am SO tempted to hurt you but I'm afraid that you're just going to run off and cry to your mother." She took a pause then her smile grew larger, "Oh wait you don't have a mother. I heard she committed suicide, I don't blame her - after all she had a child like you."

The black-haired girl narrowed her gaze at the girl in front of her, "At least my mother wasn't a bitch like you."

Full of rage, the blond girl raced forward, only to abruptly stop right in front of the other girl to slap her across the face. Suddenly pulled away, the black haired girl couldn't fight back. Though, she just managed to pull the girl's hair which caused her to let out a shrill, high-pitched scream.

"Harper Jane Augusta, Kaydence Scout Hexner - what the hell are you two doing?" Everyone turned their heads to the direction that the noise came from, some gasping in shock.

Knowing who it was Harper faked crying, pathetic sobs filling the air. Kaydence closed her eyes in annoyance, cursing underneath her breath.

"You can't think that those tears are real can you," Kaydence rolled her eyes. "Everyone in this hallway can back me up, I did nothing." She scanned the surrounding faces, all of which uncomfortably avoided her gaze, "Guys? C'mon guys."

Making sure the principal wasn't looking; Harper looked at Kaydence and gave her a menacing smirk. Kaydence replied by shooting a baleful glance in her direction. Whimpering, Harper's soft hands with long fingernails, terminated in scarlet paint, ran through her hair, "Principal Whitmore, she pulled my hair and called me a bitch."


Principal Whitmore sighed, moving her thin brunette hair out of her face, "Kaydence, remember what we talked about a few months ago?" She just celebrated her 40th birthday and the stress of being a high school principal again was taking a toll on her appearance.

Kaydence pushed her lips together and tears started forming her eyes, which she held back, "I couldn't control myself. She insulted me, talked shit about my mother then she slapped me. I hear that sort of stuff everyday so that's not what ticked me off. My periwinkle scrunchie, she broke it. Mum gave it to me one week before her death, it was her lucky scrunchie. It was the first thing she bought with her own money as a child." Kaydence reached into her pocket and grabbed the broken scrunchie delicately. "I promised her I would keep it safe. It sounds stupid because it's just a hair tie. But it was special to her and even more special to me."

Rubbing her face, Principal Whitmore let out another heavy sigh, "You didn't have to call her a bitch and pull her hair. You know the school's swearing and no-touching policy."

Kaydence let out a long frustrated groan, "Why does she get away with everything and I get punished. You know she slapped me too."

"Is there any witnesses that could confirm that," Principal Whitmore said just above a whisper, staring right into Kaydence's eyes.

Darting her eyes from the clock to the ground, Kaydence murmured, "They could but I'm sure they wouldn't. Why don't you trust me?"

"I know you're a good kid but I'm just being professional about this Kaydence, and you have gotten in quite a lot of trouble with that attitude of yours."

Kaydence's face was square with clear-cut features, penetrating and magnetic eyes, and well-defined sensual lips. Her honey brown eyes never showed much emotion unless she was deeply stirred. Her eyes flickered with fear when she saw the back of her father's head outside of the Principal's office.

"You called him? It's not like, like I-I'm, I'm being suspended or anything!" Kaydence stammered, desperate to avoid conflict with her father.

Principal Whitmore gulped, "It's only three days. Look, Kaydence, I'm always here if you need to talk. If your father causes you any problems just come to me."

Kaydence's eyes widened and she protectively covered her arms, "What do you mean? My father never caused any harm to me or my sisters!"

"You can trust me," Principal Whitmore reassured Kaydence. She grabbed Kaydence's arm and lifted up her sleeve, gently touching some deep purple bruises.

Kaydence sat there eyes closed, calm. Then she suddenly winced in pain and violently jerked her hand away, "Don't touch me." She then stood up and left the room leaving her Principal sitting worried in her chair.

Taking a deep breath, Kaydence regarded the man waiting outside, "Father."

Anger seemed to plague the face of Kaydence's father, Dr. Jamison Hexner. He always looked down on Kaydence, labeling her the failure child. She wasn't smart like her father, graceful like her mother and she was definitely the odd one out of the triplets. Also, she despised science and math which seemed to be the only thing her father loved.

"Stupid child, you are always getting yourself into trouble," He snapped, clutching her arm and dragging her through the empty hallway. "You interrupted me at work so you'll have to come back to the lab with me. Don't do anything stupid."


Kaydence sat on an uncomfortable, white chair in a bland, white room. Her arms were wrapped around her legs and her head was buried into her knees.

"Are you going to do anything productive?" Dr. Hexner asked with an annoyed tone in his voice, faking interest.

"No," Kaydence replied, bored and monotonous.

"Do you want to read some books?"


"Stop acting like a child Kaydence!"


"Oh, you must be going through that time of the month."

Kaydence's head popped up at her father's remark, her face slightly red and flushed.

"I know you don't like anything but I could do without your disturbance. Room 1.10-A should have a spare computer for you to entertain yourself with. Don't disturb anyone and don't go anywhere you shouldn't go."


Kaydence ran her middle finger across the wall, turning her head reading the room numbers.





"Getting closer," Kaydence muttered, feigning interest. "Gosh this lab is boring."

Her eyes traced the corridors thoroughly but stopped when she saw a young man in a lab coat dash out of a room. Kaydence raised an eyebrow, "1.8-B… Close enough."

She walked slowly, being careful not to be heard. She popped her head around the corner that the young man ran and reassured herself that the coast was clear. Kaydence started humming but quickly stopped when she thought that it could lure the man back into the room.

Kaydence darted her eyes from wall to wall, desperately trying to find something remotely interesting, and raised her eyebrow when she saw an open laptop. She practically jumped on the office chair which sent it spinning in circles. Before she knew it, Kaydence started to laugh but abruptly stopped and cringed, "Was I just giggling? Gross."

She bit down on her bottom lip and opened the minimised Microsoft document. Project Z.

Experiment A

Specimen 1

Injection point – Left shoulder

Blood type – AB-

Age – 18

Gender – Female

Specimen 2

Injection point – Right shoulder

Blood type – B+

Age – 21

Gender – Male

Specimen 3

Injection point – Right calf

Blood type – O+

Age – 36

Gender – Female

Specimen 4

Injection point – Right wrist

Blood type – A-

Age – 40

Gender - Male

Based on this experiment I can hypothesize that the weakest point in both specimens is indeed the injection point. The injection point becomes swollen and vulnerable to attack. This is only a minor error though which can be fixed. Then the virus will become indestructible.

The incubation time is approximately 30 minutes which is almost at goal time. There is little we can do to change this so we will just have to accept it.

It has been suggested from the evidence that the stronger the specimen was when they were human, the stronger they would be now. Specimen 1 was a hockey player and showed tremendous endurance in the experiment. Specimen 2 was a regular at the gym and showed outstanding strength. Specimen 3 was a librarian; she scored average in every test. Specimen 4 was an old drunkard who smoked; his health was in poor condition before the transformation and scored way below average in the experiment.

Gender does not seem to play part in the overall transformation; Blood types might have something to do with the transformation though.

Specimen 2 had blood type B+. It took only one injection to infect the specimen. This blood type seemed to go through the most pain when injected.

Specimen 3 had blood type O+, which is the most common of blood types. They were infected the quickest and seemed to go through the least amount of pain. What was interesting though was that this specimen's nails seemed to grow has it transformed. I will have to look into this to see if this was a side effect only with this specimen.

Specimen 4 had blood type A-. One mere injection didn't seem to infect this specimen but half way through the second it seemed to become infected. This is equivalent to one bite. Nothing particularly interesting happened with this specimen.

Specimen 1 had blood type AB-, which is the rarest of blood types, and took the most amount of the virus to get infected. AB- blood is almost seemingly immune to the virus as a normal bite would not transform them. To transform a human with AB- blood would take a lot of exposure and an estimated 27 bites.

I will have to conduct more experiments on the other 9 specimens to see if this is purely just coincidence or it is a pattern.

Curtis Alon

Kaydence's eyes were wide open by the time she read the document, but before she could even process what she just read, the young man walked into the room. His face was a mix of anger, curiosity and fear; His almost unnatural violet-blue eyes were unreadable.


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