This story was written for English homework. It is based on the poem Half-Caste by John Agard. Very short and random so I thought I might as well upload it to my short stories collection whilst I was on the internet … so enjoy I guess. Rorytheroman xx

Deep in the heart of Black and White Forest live a little Black and White Fox called Half-Caste. Little Half-Caste lived in half-a-den under Half-a-tree. Little Half-Caste only had one eye, only had 2 legs and only had one ear. Little Half-Caste only had Half-a-friend. He only had Half-a-family. But the thing about little Half-Caste was that he had a whole heart. To him, he had a whole home, in a Black and White Forest. He had a whole hope and a whole dream, and to Little Half-Caste, that was all that mattered