((Okay, so while I know this can be considered a fan fiction based poem, I just had to put this on here. Anyway a couple weeks ago I read Dragon's Oath, and this poem came to me almost fully formed in my head. If you are confused about the line, "Like the Raven Mockers who knock on your door," the line symbolizes- Rephaim and Nisrok two Raven Mockers who attend his class during Destined and Awakened. Both Rephaim and Nisrok had bad pasts following Kalona and murdering people, and ultimately despite Rephaim trying to make amends for killing Dragon's mate- Dragon still blames Rephaim and tries to kill or maul him for good. Please read and review.))

Dragon's Oath

Mercy is the Goddess's call,

Will you ignore it, or answer it forevermore,

Like the darkness you are so proud to maul,

Like the Raven Mockers who knock at your door.

Anastasia's heart is what you have always sought,

With her you learned the ways of Mercy and Kindness,

Haunted by her last fading memories, your soul seems to rot,

You have forgotten her ways, you shall confess

Once long ago, you were a sweet young man, who never fell,

Now you try to turn back time with a heartfelt spell.