A/N: Hello everyone! To those who have read 'Thou Shalt Not Fall For Thy Best Friend', this fic is definitely a lot different and less of a cliche. This chapter is meant as more of an introduction to the main character, but of course reviews are very welcome!

When I say my life is normal, I mean normal. You want the definition of normal? Just take a look at me.

I've got a Mum, a Dad, and an annoying older brother, Stan. He's turning 20 in February and attending a local college. I'm a senior at Shainfield High School. My best friend's name is Miranda, and she's a senior like me, though she is a lot more popular. I'm not totally invisible in school, but being in the school's Science Club isn't exactly the thing to get you into the 'in' crowd. According to the social hierarchy of Shainfield High, I'm about somewhere at the bottom, along with the band geeks and library nerds. Miranda is somewhere near the top I guess, considering she's Senior Class President. Yeah she's well liked. And who else but Derek Patterson right at the top of the food chain.

Derek Patterson is the definition of hot, sexy and cute all rolled into one. He's also the definition of self-centred, arrogant and jerk. He's got jet black hair and blue eyes, and he's the star of the football team. He and I have never crossed paths, unless you count the time back in kindergarten where he grabbed my crayons and pulled my pigtails. That's about the only time we've ever interacted. We travel in totally different circles, though he and Miranda are on friendly terms. She gets invited to all the parties. I do go along sometimes, but parties never really appeal to me. Yeah I'm a nerd, I know.

But before you start imagining me with those glasses with thick lenses and dowdy clothes, I assure you I am anything but that. I've got a mass of red hair and green eyes. I love my eyes, but I wish I had a more normal hair colour. Seriously, red? You could spot me a mile away. And it sucks standing out amongst a mass of blonde, black and brown hair, because you're the first the teacher always spots. Every class, I get asked a question at least once.

I work at a Chinese restaurant called 'The Happy Chinese' on weekends. Most of the time I do delivery, but sometimes I do waitressing. It's just for extra pocket money to spend, plus I get bored on weekends when Miranda has parties or dates.

When I was 9 I had my first boyfriend, Eric. We held hands during recess. It lasted two days. He fell in love with Michelle Colt, she was a year older.

I dated Nick when I was 12, he kissed me on the cheek and gave me a Valentine's Day card in the shape of a heart.

My first real boyfriend would have to be Ivan, when we were 15. It lasted half a year. He was my first proper kiss. Then he moved away.

And ever since then I've had a hard time holding on to a guy. It's not that I don't get offers. I mean, yeah, I go on the occasional date or two, and I've had a few other relationships, but they've never lasted long. But it's alright, who needs boys right?

So there you go, my perfectly normal life, which is about to be turned upside down.