Trickster of Spectra


Everything in the castle of the fallen king was covered in a shroud of darkness.

Laurent panted heavily against the frigid pavement, his rasp breathing echoing the empty hall. His bloody hand covered up the ripped flesh that was peeling off from his damaged eye. He panted, examining the ominous hallway that stretched before him.

Damn it! H-how did he get past my enchantments?

Laurent pushed his body upward, forcing himself to stand. His bare body, full of fresh cuts and bruises. His coat soaked in tainted blood that once belonged to the king that he had once sworn to protect, and his own.

Lightning crackled over the skies. As the fleeting source of light dissipated, Laurent saw a familiar shadow.

A dark chuckle echoed.

Laurent pushed himself to run despite his injuries. His feet carried him to a wooden door, just near his quarters. With a quick glance over his shoulder, the lightning crackled once more, allowing him to see that he is still being pursued. Laurent quickly moved faster.

Hastily opening the door, he dashed through it and quickly locked it behind him. With a quiet sigh, Laurent grabbed a torch that was next to the door. With a snap of his fingers, a flame appeared.

This is our last chance.

Laurent walked down the steps, the torch leading him with a dim flickering light. He finally reached a damp, dark room. The light flickered once more as he entered the room to reveal more shadows. This time however, the shadows formed a cage.

"I am lost...I am broken, wings of the everlasting sorrow. Hear me plead for freedom..."

A soft, almost serene, female voice pleaded out softly, making Laurent wince. He placed the torch in the mantle that was closest to the cage. Yet, the girl clung to the shadows of her cell.

"Architect... You are here... Why?"

Laurent responded calmly, yet scared for his safety due to his approaching pursuer.

"They're drawing near; he has murdered the king and the reaper. I need you, if we are to keep this world in balance."

The voice chuckled, but the chuckle sounded maniacal. Reminiscent to the laughter of a court jester. The light from the flame seemed to grow, revealing the silhouette of a petite girl.

Thunder clapped loudly, it echoed just outside the hidden room. Laurent then heard the sound of footsteps in the room above making him wince in fear.

Is this the end? He grimaced as he pondered the vile thought.

The petite girl walked out of the shadows into the dimly lit area of the cage, to place her pale hands on the bars of the cage in a tight grip. A smirk covered her lips. The once sweet, serene voice quickly changed into a high-pitched raspy voice.

"I'll make this easy for you bastard, I would rather sit here covered in a rain of blood, than assist the miserable asshole that has left me to wither to dust. My answer is no."

Laurent bit his lip in anger, drawing small bits of blood. As his wounds continued to bleed, he became more frustrated at his grave situation.

"I did not want this to happen, but I will make you a deal. One that someone like you could never resist."

The girl shook the metal bars of the cage, laughing more loudly like a psychotic clown to make Laurent here it more clearly.

"What kind of deal? You stupid bastard! I will never take it considering you put me here in the first place."

"I'll let you have your freedom, if you become the next reaper.. I don't care anymore; you are my last resort. You would serve the next king. Or maybe perhaps you will become our first queen when I'm buried six feet under with you soiling it in pride." Laurent smirked, noticing her hand slowly sliding off from the bars.

Moments passed, the pursuer's footsteps became louder, along with the clap of the thunderstorm. As Laurent opened the cage, he let go of his wounded eye and allowed it to bleed.


The young girl stepped out, covered in rags, dirt, and long nappy blood-red hair, which covered her eyes. Just as she was about to respond, the entrance slammed open, causing the flame to go out. The pursuer busted through the doorway in midair, covered in dark cloaks to hide away its appearance.

The girl stepped forward and plugged her hand into the stomach of the man. She flipped her hair back revealing beautiful purple eyes. He gasped for air, but slowly gave up as he was mesmerized by her glare.

The corpse collapsed by Laurent's side, coughing up and sputtering blood, just before declaring life to be over.

Laurent gasped, realizing what he just done by releasing this girl from her cage.

Taking a sharp breath, Laurent quietly snapped and the flame reappeared; the girl was facing Laurent face-to-face. Her bright eyes ready to kill again as blood from the corpse blended with her rags of clothing and giving her a curvier appearance.

"I'm ready to take up on your deal. Bastard." Her voice had returned to its soft and serene nature.

Laurent chuckled softly as he sat on the floor, writhing in pain.

"A-alright. You better not fail, Jester.. You tiresome monster." Moments later, he closed his able eye and began to sleep.

With that maniacal chuckle, Jester went up the stairs towards the small window and looked at the fading clouds, knowing that freedom will come sooner than expected.

A/N: This is the rewrite to the story "Jester", I really hope you will enjoy reading this cause I was really unsure about re-posting this due to the past plagiarizing ordeal I had to figure out last year. Anyway, more of this will be posted after the following date, 'May 14th' (stupid college finals). Have a good one people.