Trickster of Spectra

Chapter two

Liam opened the door to the somewhat busy diner, catching his breath quietly before seeing his girlfriend's chocolate eyes glancing at him from one of the farther booths at the end of the diner. He rolled his eyes and walked over towards her, carefully holding his wounded arm away from her sight in his pocket.

The girl used her hand to move a piece of her light brown hair away from her soften face. Liam lean down to kiss her lips and took a seat across from her in the booth. She returned the kiss and wiped off any dust from her light colored dress shirt and leggings.

"About time you showed up, I was beginning to think that you weren't going to show at all." She whispered her voice was sharp, a little too harsh.

"Sorry Maliyka, Mom needed me and I lost track of time." Liam lied quickly. His eyes looked down at his pockets. They were soiled, mixed with the colors of the navy blue with the scarlet red of the blood, creating a purple burse-like spot on the left pocket.

Maliyka rolled her eyes as she took a sip of her sprite before looking straight at her boyfriend.

"What is it with your mom lately? She's been stressing you out for what? Two weeks now?" Liam shrugged his shoulders, he looked into Maliyka's lips, watching the tip of her tongue stroke her bottom lip slowly, almost lustfully. "I mean in all honesty, you're almost nineteen years old babe, you're supposed to be free of every rule that's thrown at you by now. Your mother should be able to take care of herself instead of relying on you constantly."

He growled he was annoyed at the sight of the sudden rudeness that was bestowed on him by the wretched girl who ruined his happiness with his precious blade. His body shook, he clinched his fists tightly. Liam closed his eyes for a minute, taking a slow breath before opening them with a shallow breath.

"My mother is dealing with an illness; I'm all she has to help her with chores. I apologize for being a son first to a sick mother instead of boyfriend to you." He stated sharply, voice rising with each word. His eyes grew darker with each moment he death glared his girlfriend. Maliyka's eyes widen, her body shook nervously as her eyes looked down, guilty of the things she blurted out.

Liam felt his heart pound hard on his chest; he took out his undamaged hand and clutched the spot where his chest was hurting the most. Maliyka slide off her side of the booth and rushed to Liam's side, glancing unknown eyes of the diner's customers were looking at the pair in curiosity.

"Oh my god, are you okay!" Maliyka panicked, tears were streaming down from her cheeks, her arms wrapping around Liam's shoulders to comfort him. "Liam?"

Around the two, a small crowd began to circle them; their whispers becoming louder over what was going on in front of them. Liam's eyes glanced up, they widen in fear at the sight of people. Without looking, Liam felt his hand pushing Maliyka away with as much force he can give out before pain consumed him, and pushed himself off the booth to run out of the diner.

Jester sat on top of one of the markets located near the castle, her gaze never leaving the spectrals that were minding their own business. She smiled as she watched little children chasing each other around before getting scolded by the older ones around them.

"How native.. It's too bad they don't know the truth of it all. They're caged, just like I was." Jester whispered to herself softly.

Her eyes glanced over towards where the castle was. Spectra's two suns brighten the castle's glow, showing the marble tone it gave out and reflecting the blue jewels that were placed on the edges. Thorns were spreading on the walls from the ground, indicating the mutual respect of good and evil that lived within the realm.

The young reaper glared at it with hatred, her hand clutched like a bear, her nails growing sharp, and her hand beginning to glow a violet aura-like energy around it. She stood up and turned around to leap down from the roof as she tossed the energy down at the market, creating a fire. Screams were coming out from the other, Jester laughed before taking a breath to relax before walking any further away from the markets.

As she walked, she noticed Laurent leaning against the wall with his arms crossed on his chest. She stopped and crossed her arms silently.

"How long have you been here?" she asked.

"A few minutes, it's time to get you ready for the trip to Earth. Spectra and its people cannot wait any longer Jester." Laurent answered calmly. Jester shrugged her shoulders and walked towards her creator.

"Okay, but answer me this- why do you care for these people so much?" A breeze flew, carefully blowing their loose clothing away from their bodies. Laurent remained silent; loosen his arms down to his side.

"Ask me that question again after you start realizing my intentions for peace, now come. We mustn't waste any more time than we already have Jester." He answered softly. Jester nodded once and giggled to herself, not convinced with Laurent's answer.

"Whatever you say Laurent.."

The two started walking in silence side by side, Jester's eyes trail off to focus on Laurent's expression. He was quiet, thinking too much about everything that was happening. Jester tilted her head and frowned.

Perhaps he questions himself like I question this stupid realm..

"Damn it!" Liam yelled out to himself, he was close to home and his arm finally stopped bleeding on its own. He kicked around an empty beer can someone threw out. "How the hell did I let my anger get out so freely? I thought this whole freaking cutting thing was supposed to be a stress reliever.. Why am I so angry?" Liam's voice trailed off as he reaches for home.

His apartment building was small with deforming bricks that barely hold the foundation steadily. He walked in and climbed up the stairs to the front door of his apartment. He opened the door and walked into a spiral mess of empty beer cans and cigarette butts.

"Really? I just cleaned this place." he muttered, shutting the door behind him. He walked to the couch to take a seat and watched his drunken mother stumbled into the room with a lit up cigarette in her fingertips. Her short brown hair bounced off her dirty shoulders, her white t-shirt covered in sweat stains and ashes. Her bare legs were scarred up from past battles, but they were barely noticeable due to how pale her skin is just like her son.

She looked at her son with haze in her reddish-brown eyes and smirked coldly.

"When did you get home?" she asked. Liam rolled his eyes bitterly.

"Just now. What the hell happened in here? I just cleaned your mess up yesterday."

Liam's mother shrugged and placed the cigarette in her lips to inhale the nicotine.

"I had friends over, besides you did a shitty job with the clean up so do it again." Liam stood up from the couch and glared at her.

"Why the hell should I? I've been cleaning up after you since Dad left your miserable ass!" His mother threw the cigarette at the carpet and walked up to Liam and choked him with her stronger.

"You pathetic shit, I wish you were never born! That way he wouldn't leave me the way he did!" she screamed angry in his face.

Her grip was tight; Liam struggled to get free by grabbing his mother's wrist with both hands. The two glared into each other eyes, rage and sorrow growing in their gazes. Liam lifted his right hand and hooked his mother in the face. She released her grip and fell back against the wall.

She looked at her son in fear, caressing her swollen cheek. Liam's breaths were getting heavier, harder compare to the ones he had at the diner. He walked towards his mother with his fist in the air. His heart pounded heavily, echoing throughout his inner eardrum.

His eyes blinked, he stepped back after dropping his arm down. Liam watched his mother slowly get up with tears in her eyes.

"D-d-don't co-me near me!" she cried out. Liam blinked his eyes again, warm tears streamed down his cheeks. He held his fist with his other hand and put them close to their chest. Liam looked down in shame at his burse up knuckles and rushed out of the living room, fearing for his own life.

Drake bowed in respect when Jester and Laurent appeared in front of him. The three of them stood near a large bared gate with thorns spreading over the three center locks with griming looks. Laurent walked to the locks and turned himself to face his creation and student.

"Before you two, this is the gate that sealed Earth and Spectra away from seeing each other. In order to maintain this balance, the reaper, that's you Jester, is able to walk back and forth the two realms to collect souls of the fallen. Keep in mind, no human can see you unless they are chosen to be one of us or a victim to sudden redemption." Laurent stated.

"Sudden redemption?" Drake asked confused. Laurent crossed his arms.

"I taught you what sudden redemption was in my teachings Drake. Weren't you paying attention at all?"

Jester rolled her eyes once she saw Drake look that with his cheeks flustering shyly.

"I don't know what sudden redemption is Laurent. Since I'm the new reaper after all, I would like to hear the specifics before I start the job." Jester smoothed out with an innocent smile. She looked at her friend who smiled back at her as a thank you for her defense against his teacher. "Well?"

Laurent sighed quietly to himself.

"Sudden redemption is where a soul that dies ascends to either heaven or hell without the reaper present. They are the type of souls that are meant for actual death instead of premature deaths like the fallen ones. The fallen ones are souls that live again in Spectra till they are ready to ascend."

"I see, but why can't I just grab the souls from sudden redemption in order to prevent it?" Jester asked curiously. Drake shook his head before Laurent could answer.

"It's because sudden redemption causes a soul to go their rightful places Lady Jester. Spectra is technically a halting spot for souls till they are ready to go to heaven or hell. That is why we are a part of purgatory." Laurent nodded and smirked.

"Very good Drake." He snapped his fingers; a pair of silver kamas, a purple and golden jeweled arm brace, and a black jacket appeared in his arms. He walked to Jester and handed them to her. "These are the items the reaper carries when entering the other realms. Jester, you are to have these on you at all times, do not lose them otherwise damnation could reach both here and on Earth."

Jester glanced at the items and hugged them close to her chest. She looked at Drake with a frown and right back at Laurent.

"Will Drake be able to come to Earth with me?" she asked. Laurent shook his head in disagreement.

"He's a newborn, he can't return to Earth right away. If he did, he would become unstable in both realms." Laurent turned and held up his hand. A silver glow circled his hand along with the gate. "The charges will be shown to you by using your arm brace's power. If you see a gray aura around them, they are the souls you collect. You are to return here within two days for a status report and no fooling around. Understood?"

Jester nodded. She put on the jacket and adjusted it, then put the arm brace on her right forearm before looking at Drake with a tiny smirk on her face. Then she looked at the gate as it opened. The locks echoed loudly, the thorns ripped into pieces, and the gate opened its wings. Creating a gust of wind that blew everyone's hair out of their faces and hugging their bodies with their clothing.

Jester started to walk into the opened gate, the gate glowed bright white with a view of a random city on Earth, and she looked over at her creator and her best friend with determination in her eyes. She walked in and the gate closed right behind her.

She started walking in the empty path, the metal of her kamas dangling in her arms. Her eyes began to see the portal that lead to earth. She smiled at the sight; she stopped walking to tie her kamas close to her belt.

"This is it." She stated proudly; she started walking again, her arms spread out of joy, the portal getting larger once she walked through. "Hell shall break loose at my touch. Let the revolution begin!"

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