Suspended in bliss
on rainbow clouds
encased in your strong arms
you protect me from the world
my head resting on your dependable shoulder

I close my eyes, feeling safe
I can feel each breath you take
and your heart beating in time with mine

As I inhale the scent
in the crook of your neck
your golden head turns and stares

I feel your eyes burning into me
and the heat is contagious
my eyes open of their own accord

Now I'm trapped in your cornflower honeyed gaze
your lips turn up at the corners
grinning your sinful grin
and mine mirror yours
as you lean in to claim your prize

Electricity buzzes through me
and I can't fight the magnetism of your lips
like an unseen force
I don't have the strength to pull away

And I know you feel it too
as your hands begin to wander

I decide that this is my favourite place
somewhere away from stress
and the expectations of society
a place where I can kiss you
the man I love

Encased in your strong arms
you protect me from the world

And promise to keep me there

For eternity