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Something Not Right about Them

Being in love with your best friend can either strengthen or break your heart – unknown

"What's so special about them?" I asked my two best friends Ethan and Nicole. It was lunch time and like always we hung out and talked about random stuff. Today's topic was the Marder triplets the most popular people at school. Ethan had long curly brown hair that went to his neck and had beautiful sky blue eyes. He had a lanky body frame.

Nicole was a voluptuous girl and was not afraid to show it. She was the type of girl to come to school in miniskirts and low cut shirts. She had black hair but tend to dye her hair a different color every few weeks. This week it was black with blue highlights.

"Well the Marders are hott that why. The boys are tough, very muscular, and rich. They practically ooze sex. I mean what more can a girl wants," said Nicole staring at Michael and Darius Marder with dreamy eyes.

Michael and Darius were both tall and very muscular. But Michael had curly chocolate brown hair while Darius had a shave head. Their skin was a golden tan color.

"What about Missy? Why does almost every straight guy in school drool over her?" I asked looking at Ethan.

"I don't know Kari. She's just hott and she pretty cool to talk to," he replied to me. Missy Marder had the perfect body even Victoria secret models would be jealous of. Her hair was long and a shiny golden brown.

"It's just something off about them," I told them.

"Like what?" asked Ethan.

"I don't know I just get these weird feeling that they are hiding something," I said biting my bottom lip.

"So are we hanging out tomorrow?" asked Nicole changing the subject. Whenever I started telling them about my suspicious on the Marders she changes the subject as if she knew something about them.

"Can't me and mom are going shopping for my homecoming dress. It's going to be so much fun," I said pulling on Ethan's arm. Okay so I have this huge crush on Ethan and he finally asked me to homecoming dance with him as a friend. But I have not given up. I'm still making progress.

"I know," he said yanking his arm back so he could continue eating.

"OMG! She's coming over here," said Nicole.

"Who?" asked Ethan and me?

"Missy Marder don't look," said Nicole. Both I and Ethan turned around not listening to Nicole. "Turn back around and act normal for once in your life,"

"Hey Ethan," said Missy. Even her voice was perfect. It was soothing and dulcet.

"Oh hi Missy, do you need anything?" asked Ethan. He started perspiring. Something was about to happen.

"I need to talk to you alone," she said finally realizing Nicole and I were sitting there.

"Oh okay I'll be right back guys," he said and walked off with Missy toward the parking lot.

Ethan never came back and when school was over his car was gone. His phone went straight to voice mail.


The next day before school Ethan was waiting for me by my usual parking space.

"What's up?" I asked while grabbing my purple bag from the back seat.

"So homecoming we were going as friends' right?" said Ethan.

"Yeah I guess so. Why?" I said. What was he trying to tell me?

"Oh good, I'm taking Missy but we can still hang out there if you want," he told me. Wait a minute did he just say he's taking Missy Marder.

"You're taking Missy Marder? When did this happen?"

"Well she kind of asked me yesterday and I told her yeah. She's actually a cool chick and I think if you got a chance to talk to her you would think so too," he said.

"Yeah right she can have any guy at this school just by walking in the room while I can't even get a guy to look at me," I said.

"Don't say that Kari I'm sure there's a guy out there waiting for a girl like you," he said. I wanted to tell him that he was supposed to be that guy.

"So that's why you just disappeared and didn't answer your phone yesterday?" I asked.

"Look Kari I know you were excited about going to homecoming I didn't want to upset you," he said. Why would I be upset? Unless he knew I liked him and if he did why did he led me on if didn't feel the same. He probably felt sorry for me.

"Hey Ethan!" yelled Missy hanging out half way out of a car window. He looked at her and smiled and waved. And I knew she won just by that smile. Ethan never smiled at me like that. It was smile that people have when they truly loved someone. A smile that holds secrets only you two know. She got the guy I wanted for three years. She won. Game over. My heart was breaking at that very moment.

"See you later Ethan," I said holding back my tears and heading back to my car.

"Kari, where are you going? School is about to start," I didn't say anything I just continue walking as fast as I could to my car.

I rushed home not caring that this was my first time ditching school. I cried all the way home while listening to The Used. Bert totally knew what I was going through. I ran to my room where I threw myself on my bed and cried until I fell asleep.

"Kari, hon are you home?" asked my mom as she walked through the front door. It was already 4:30 in the afternoon. I had spent the whole day sleeping and crying over a stupid boy.

"Yeah I'm upstairs," I said getting off the bed and wiping off my face before my mom came upstairs.

"Are you ready to go shopping for your dress? I was thinking purple would look really cute on you," I forgot I was supposed to go shopping for homecoming. I followed her voice to the kitchen. She was looking through the mail.

"I'm not going,"

"Why? You can't go to the dance naked," joked my mom.

"Ethan taking perfect Missy Marder to homecoming," I said dropping into the chair.

"Well maybe you can still go,"

"Why? So she can rub it in my face. No I'm not going and that finale mom,"

"Kari just thinks about it first,"

"Mom can we just drop it please," I said rubbing my forehead.

"Okay so what should we have for dinner?" she asked.

"I don't know I'm not that hungry," I said getting up and heading back upstairs.

"Maybe leftovers," I heard my mom say. I heard my cell phone as soon as I walked into my room.

"Hey Nicole,"

"So you're ditching school now?"

"I wasn't feeling well so I left,"

"Ethan taking Missy to homecoming,"

"Yeah I know her told me this morning. I didn't even know he liked her,"

"Everyone likes the Marders well everyone but you,"

"I never said I didn't like them I just think something is off about them. Like they are hiding something," I said lying down on my bed.

"So homecoming?"

"Totally not going,"

"Good because I don't think they would have let me in to the dance with what I was planning on wearing,"

"Knowing you they probably wouldn't," I said laughing than falling off the bed. "So anything interesting happened at school today,"

"Nothing really I was just worried about you and I saw Ethan making out with Missy and I knew you probably found out they were dating and left school,"

After getting off the phone with Nicole I stared at myself in the mirror. What was wrong with me? My skin was a light almond color and my eyes were brown. I had curves but I tended to wear slightly baggy clothes. It was the only thing I ever felt comfort wearing. I lifted up my shirt and pinched my stomach.

"I need to lose weight.


I was sitting on the back porch reading the latest Revolver magazine. It was nighttime and a full moon was out. I could smell the burning wood from the fire pit. I was alone but I felt something was watching me. I was getting goose bumps up and down my arms. I stood up from the chair and a pair of glowing yellow eyes appeared from behind bushes that separate our backyard from the forest.

There was a strong wind that knocked me down and blew out the fire. I got back up and ran to the back door where it was locked. I struggled and banged on the door. I heard growling behind. I started to turn.

I woke up to rain the next day making me feel a little better. I always loved the rain. I drove to school rocking out to Metallica and getting weird looks from students like I always did when I played metal music too loud.

Nicole was waiting for me at my locker. "Good morning Metal Princess,"

I smiled and laugh before telling her she needed a jacket. She was wearing a shirt with leggings and a cut up black shirt.

"I can just take one your jacket," I unlocked my locker and threw a random jacket I had in my locker at her. A couple of lockers away Ethan was making out with Missy.

"You see that's just wrong," I said staring at them.

"What do you mean?" Nicole asked.

"If I or anyone else was having a making out session one of the teachers would be on our asses but the Marders could get away with murder,"

"Is someone jealous?"

"Maybe but couldn't they do that someone where else," I looked back into my locker searching for my books I would need for class.

"I wouldn't," We didn't say anything for a few seconds while I search through my locker. "Omg look!"

"Nicole I really don't want to watch Ethan and Missy sharing spit," I told her.

"No Darius Marder is totally checking you out,"

"Yeah right stop joking," I said turning around in the direction Nicole was staring out. Darius was standing next to his brother and a group of guys near the front school doors. Nicole was right though Darius was watching me. I instantly turned back to my locker and started throwing everything back in there so I could hurry to class.

"Kari," said a deep male voice behind me. I turned around to see Darius Marder. He was way taller than me. I had to raise my head up just to make eye contact with him. He had beautiful grey eyes though. I could stare into them for days. Wait. Did I just think that?

"Hi do you need anything?" I asked nervously.

"I'll see you later girl," said Nicole before walking away. Great I was stuck talking to him.

"I heard you were dateless for homecoming and was wondering if maybe you would want to go with me," I was shocked I only talked to this guy once in history class. What made him think I wanted to go with him?

"Um thanks Darius but I'm actually not going to homecoming." I just noticed it was quiet in the hallway. I looked around and saw everyone was watching us even Ethan and Missy.

"You sure cause Ethan says…."

"So Ethan told you to ask me. Looks don't take pity on me. You take a girl you really like instead of doing someone a favor. And homecoming not really my scene anyway," I said before walking away. I was so tempted to give Ethan the finger but I didn't and rushed to class.

I was actually on time for my chemistry class. I could feel my phone vibrating in my pocket but I ignore it and sat down at a lab table. Did Darius feel that sorry for me that he was willing to take a girl he hardly knew? It had to be Ethan doing. I saw the chair next to me move from out of the corner of my eyes. I looked up. Damn just my luck Missy Marder just had to sit next to me.

"Hey," she said smiling and putting her brown hair behind her ear. She had the same shade of eyes just like Darius. I gave her a weak smile and went back to writing the formula from off the board. "Don't be mad at Ethan,"

"I'm not. Just tell him not to ask guys to be my date to homecoming," I said not even looking at her.

"Ethan knows how much you wanted to go to homecoming,"

"It doesn't really matter anymore. I'm not going,"

"Did I do something to you?"


"It just seems like you don't like me,"

"No that's not true," I actually hate you bitch. Wow did I really just think that? I looked at Missy. This girl never did anything to me. Why do I not like her?

"That's what I told Ethan. Let just try and be friends,"

I never got a chance to answer her. The teacher started talking and as soon as we were dismissed from class I hurried out the door. I didn't want to be her friend.


"So what did he want?" Nicole asked when we sat at our usual spot during lunch.

"What did who want?"

"Darius Marder,"

"Oh um he wanted to take me to homecoming but I refused,"

"WHAT? Why? He's so beautiful,"

"He only did it cause he felt sorry for me,"

"Well he can be sorry for me anytime. That man has a fine ass," she said staring at Darius backside. I laughed at her and told her she was a perv.

"I have been telling you that for ages but you still want to be friends with her," joked Ethan. He sat down at the lunch table. I really had nothing to say to him. "So what's new?"

"Nothing really," said Nicole before biting into her ham and cheese sandwich.

"You're not worry you girlfriend might get lonely," I told him.

"She thought I should come talk to you," We sat there not saying anything for a few seconds. Nicole and I were standing up to go to the women's restroom.

"Kari I never asked Darius to ask you to homecoming," Ethan said grabbing my arm preventing me from walking away.

"Well then why would he ask me then? I don't even know him,"

"Kari looks in the mirror once in a while and you'll see," he told me before walking back to Missy.

"What does that mean?" I asked Nicole. She started laughing.

"It means Darius thinks you're cute,"

That got me to sit back down. "Really?" I turned to look at Darius who was staring back at me. I looked back at Nicole. "Really?"

"Yes really. Now how about you let me dress you? I can make you into a hott mama,"

"No you probably make me look like a hooker," I said before hearing the bell ending lunch. "Come on lets go to class,"

"Hey you would look like an A-Class hooker after I'm done with you," she joked.

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