My breathing progressed rapidly as I advanced down the dark alley with a figure right at my heels. I stopped not knowing which way to go but choosing quickly and turning to the left. I looked back at the mangled figured who had blood oozing out of the side of his face; leaving a trail of crimson liquid. He wore a ratty black coat and tattered jeans; his hood up trying to conceal his face but giving him no protection. Shocked, at my first look at my attacker; I speed my pace. I hold my side; gasping with pain from the injuries that were inflicted upon me.

A shot rang out; hitting it's target spot on. I fall to the cold, hard ground clutching my body, trying to escape the pain. What feels like hours pass, as waves of nauseating pain rack my body before the man meets my body with another blow from his fist. Sobs of pain explode out of me as tears stream from my red eyes. I look into the man's wild eyes as he brings a sharp, long blade to my throat. A soft whisper escapes his lips, as I shut my eyes and pray for it to be over.