I hoped it all had been a dream, but it wasn't. Mark was sleeping beside me. Suddenly Ivan entered the cabin in a rush.

"Quickly, come with me!" At first I didn't move, but he grabbed my arm and began to drag me out.

"No!" I yelled.

"Mark!" He woke up and ran to me.

"Mommy!" he screamed. Ivan looked at us in bewilderment. He took both of us to a truck waiting. I could hear soldiers shouting.

"Traitor! Get them back!" The driver started the engine and Ivan took his gun.

"I'll always love you here and in heaven." He gave me a letter and kissed me gently. Like my Ivan.

"Take care of her little man" he said to Mark. He caressed my cheek and he left the truck.

"Go!" The truck began to move, and soon we left him behind.

"No!" I heard the shooting and soon I saw a puddle of blood in the white.

I embraced Mark.

"Everything will be fine, everything will be fine." I repeated it so many time, trying my hardest to believe it.

We ran to the United States. And Mark married some fine lady, he had a son. His name is Ivan.

Sometimes when I look at the stars from my window I think of him and I open the letter he gave me: "My love, my only true love…"

I still think life's just a dream.

And I'm sure very soon I'll wake up,

Beside him…