No Good

By: Kristie Marie

8/21/2011 - 4/25/2012

A wrong choice

A broken promise

Violent anger aimed to hurt

Eyes full of hurtful tears

Look up at me

A story of a terrible man taints the air

I listen to the story with open ears

No judgment passed

The story is id done

Tears are gone

She walks away

The next she walks my way

No words are spoken to me

She passes

I turn and look back

She just continues on her way

Just going to move on with the day

I hear her laugh in my ears

I turn to speak

And she just walks away

Tomorrow is here

The story repeats

She has used me

And thrown me away without a care

Just needed someone to listen

And then that's all I was for

Nothing can be done

When the day comes and she needs someone

She'll come looking for me

And I'll listen you see

When the story is over

And the tears are gone

I will stand and leave

Let her stare as I walk away

There is no friend in you

Just an ugly self-centered girl

Don't let her use you

She will just hurt you and leave

She my dear is

No good.