She barely could feel her feet touch the ground. Her hands were up above her head tied tightly together by leather straps against the wall. She stretched her legs and her toes grazed the floor gently. Alex moved her head to the sounds going on around her. For the now the world was black, since he wanted it that way. The only clothing allowed was black leather gloves and her leather blindfold. He requested that she curled her hair and put makeup on. She didn't know what to expect until he tied her up and hung her up on the hook on the wall. Rodger told her that he would be right back. But that was a while ago. Possibly. Maybe it had only been a few minutes, every minute that passed that was not filled with him stroking or kissing her seemed to creak by slowly. All she could do was twist and turn to try to get comfortable until he returned.

Over the last few weeks he had slowly broken her down. Each day she could feel her dominant side recede away. The first thing to go was her voice. He made her stay silent for days. Of course she was allowed to talk for classes, but otherwise she wasn't allowed to speak to anyone. It was hard at first. She had slipped up and had greeted a friend. She thought he didn't know but, when she came back home to their apartment, he tackled her down and hogtied her. "20. Start counting." Was all he had said to her. Because of his order she couldn't apologize or protest, she just endured the stinging of the switch coming down on her. She couldn't sit down for at least a week. After that encounter Alex remained silent for a few weeks and out of nowhere, he let her speak again. Her first words being, "Yes master." And it continued that way for weeks. At a random he would give her something to do, and if he caught her or suspected her of disobeying she was dealt with right away. But whenever she completed a task it was always worth it. He wouldn't do anything big, a gentle touch, just enough to make her crave more. To crave him.

In the distance a door slammed opened. Her body started to twitch at the idea of him being back. A gust of air swept her along with some quick footsteps, followed by a loud aggravated sigh. She could feel him looking at her up and down. He probably was sitting down in the chair in the corner of the room. Probably unbuttoned his shirt and threw his sports coat into the corner. "How are your wrists feeling?" Rodger asked. She wiggled her fingers a bit; they tingled but were not numb yet. The chair creaked and she heard him walk over to her slowly. He felt up her arms and checked her restraints. Slowly his hands ran down her face and massaged her neck. He squeezed her neck softly controlling her breathing. "You didn't try to escape like last time." Last time, she wasn't trying to escape just trying to loosen her bonds. It was an accident that the bonds came apart. "Good girl." He pinched her nipples lightly getting her to smile. She learned to not get too excited at simple things; he would always smile when he couldn't get her to respond right away. He brushed his lips down her chest and kissed her bare stomach. "Do you have nothing to say to me?" She stayed silent. He was testing her. He wanted her to speak out of turn so he could break out the switch and paddles. Satisfied again he went up to kiss her softly, playing with her tongue and again controlling her breathing by squeezing her throat gently. "You've improved. I'm going out again. I'll be right back." She wanted to say something in protest but she knew he was smiling and waiting for just that.

As he left, she didn't stir at all. Rodger itched to use the switch on her one more time. But she had learned quickly the first few times. It satisfied him that he was able to train her so well, but at the same time frustrated that he couldn't get the same moans and whimper that he received the first time he had taken her. Now her reactions were controlled.

As he approached the coffee shop he felt someone knock past him as he walked in. Long auburn hair. "Nicole?" he said. She turned and just gave him a blank look. The look of realization crossed her face eventually.

"Oh it's you." She said with a deadpan voice.

"So nice to see you as well." Nicole moved out of the way of the door and let others pass through.

"Well what do you expect? You seduced my friend to leave her boyfriend."

"I didn't make her do that. That was all her decision."

"She did it because of you though!" Nicole was amusing. To him at least.

"Are you jealous of her?" He took one step forward and automatically she backed herself into a table. "Do you want me?"

"No. D-don't be ridiculous." She ran past him embarrassed. He proceeded with getting his coffee. And sat down at a table outside. He flipped out his pocket knife to cut up an apple for a snack. But the shine of the blade caught his attention. The blades edge was sharp and the metal itself was smooth and cold. He smiled.

When he got back to the apartment, he released Alex from her bonds and let her do some chores. She had the urge to go get dressed but he didn't give her permission to so she didn't bother. So she performed each task fully naked. He would sometimes glance up from his book to watch her move around. He would take notice if she walked by and was close enough to grab and pull onto his lap. Her posture was perfect. She walked delicately and let him take in all of her. Eventually he cornered her in the kitchen. He stroked her waist and pushed her against the wall. "Will do you as your told?" he asked.

"Yes, master."

"Good." He pulled a switch blade out of his pocket and flipped open right next to her face. Immediately her eyes focused on the blade. "Don't. Look at me only." Her eyes focused on him and looked him straight in the eyes. The edge of the blade stroked her cheek and he glided it down her throat. He noticed the slight twitch she had. He kept going, circling it on her stomach, tickling her wrists, finally ending at her waist. By this point her eyes were twitching, struggling not to look at the knife. Her body was lightly shaking. He slid the blade closer and closer to her pussy, finally getting to the edge of her lips.

"Master please stop!" Alex screamed out. Rodger grinned and put the blade away.

"What was that?" He squeezed her wrists and pressed his body up against her. "What did you say to me?" She stood still and let him run his hands over her body. "Hm?" He slapped her across the face. "Did I give you permission to speak?" She tried not to respond but it was too late. He grabbed her hair and dragged her out of the kitchen and into the bedroom. He tied her wrists together and tied them to a bed post. He had her bend over facing him. The next feeling was of the switch coming down on her ass hard. "30" She kept count in her head as he kept going. He held back the urge to take her right there as she silently took the beating. When he got close to the end, her body was starting to shake.

Finally he threw the switch on the floor and untied her, pushed her onto the bed. He raised her hips up to his so her ass was up against his crotch. He pulled himself out and slowly rubbed himself up against her entrance. "Answer me. Do you want this?"

"Yes, master.." He pushed in just a tad.

"Do you?" He pushed harder into her ass.

"Yes, pleaseā€¦" He moved into her slowly and kept up a steady rhythm. She didn't cry out like before. She was purring, it grew as he continued on. He pulled out and rubbed her pussy. He plummeted into her making her squeak. She loved how he was rough and gentle with her. How he would move her body around to make sure she got every inch of him, so she could feel every thrust going into her. She learned to move with him and to arch her body. He pulled out of her and laid down on the bed. He invited her up on him, and she slid down onto him and slowly began riding him. She didn't pick up the pace until he grabbed at her hips and dug his nails into her. She sped up and grinded into him, she got him to moan quietly her name. He sat up and jerked up into her and held her close to his body. He pulled out of her came on to her stomach and chest.

"Good girl." He whispered. "Now go wash up." She got off of him and walked to the bathroom to clean off the cum on her chest. When she came back he grabbed her waist and pulled her down on the bed and cuddled her body close to him. He rested his head on her breasts and massaged her ass. He would gently kiss her nipples and ran his other hand up and down her back. "You know I care about you right?"

"Yes master."

"And you'll always be mine right?" She wrapped her arms around him and let him hug her tight.

"Yes Master."