Krissy was cuddled up close to Sky, who was by now passed out. Sky trusted her completely but still felt the need to collar her and tie her to the bed next to him. His arms were wrapped around her waist and his face buried in her chest. After staying up for hours punishing both Jack and Angelina, his body finally gave in to jetlag and he collapsed in bed. Before he had come to bed Krissy was shaking in fear after Raven had secured the collar around her neck and tied it to the bed post. Sky had just finished with Angelina, after leaving her in the kitchen for an hour, he came back to see if she was still standing. He found her collapsed faced down on the table sobbing from the pain. Upstairs Krissy could hear Angelina's un-censored screams echoing. Sky had removed the gag and was doing something to her that she refused to think about.

It ended with Angelina screaming out her safe word and it fell silent. Raven showed up shortly afterward and escorted her to Sky's room. Krissy saw that her nightgown was already place on the bed, Raven stood back waited for her to finish getting dressed before putting her collar on. Sky entered slightly agitated and twitchy. He took one look at Krissy chained to the bedpost and relaxed slightly. He hugged her close to him and kissed her forehead.

"How's my little girl?" Sky asked quietly. At that, Raven bowed and left the two alone. Krissy nuzzled herself under his chin and hugged him back.

"I'm good daddy." She answered back.

"I'm sorry that I moved our 'session' up a little early, but I really missed you." He stroked her hair and kissed her gently.

"Get into bed and get undressed."

That night Sky just cuddled with her and kissed every inch of her body. Eventually he fell asleep next to her curled up beside her. Krissy was the only other person who Sky would willingly fall asleep next to, due to their relationship. She was his calming method if anything. Something to make him become human again, after an intense torture sequence and since Natasha wasn't around Krissy would have to do.

Sky's phone buzzed on the dresser and routinely she answered it for him.

"I'm sorry Sky is busy at the moment, can I take a message for you?" she said sweetly. "Oh, Natasha? Just wake him up…? But..Okay.." Krissy reached over and tried to shake Sky awake. He mumbled something and slowly opened his eyes half away.

"What is it baby?" he said half asleep.

"It's momma." Sky sat up immediately.

"Before I take the phone, is your momma, or mine?"

"My momma." And he took the phone from her.

"Hi Natasha."

"I really wish you would make her stop calling me that. It makes me feel old." Natasha said over the phone sounding tired.

"But's it's so cute." He tickled Krissy around her neck making her blush. "She calls me daddy, and you're suitable to be the mom in this situation."

"Anyway," Skipping over the subject. "Rodger and I are going out today to do some looking around for some good real estate. And I may end up coming back to the hotel early to rest."

"Sounds fine with me. Treat yourself to something nice while you're there though."

"Oh and I almost forgot. It's almost time to have another event soon."

"True. But I was wondering could change up the set up this time."

"How so?" Sky looked over at Krissy, undid her collar and shooed her off. Krissy left making sure the door clicked close behind her. Krissy traveled downstairs to the living room looking for Raven. She found Alex and Raven hanging out in the living room. Alex, now almost recovered and actually being able to laugh was relieving. Krissy came in, still in her night gown and joined them.

"Hi Krissy, it's nice to see that you came out without a mark." Raven said. Krissy shrugged and hugged her knees to his chest.

"What's the matter?"

"Sky and Natasha are talking about the next event." Krissy answered quietly. Alex looked at them confused.

"What event?" Raven looked to Krissy, but she closed her eyes and ignored question.

"Well," Raven started. "It's a way to show off you're 'pets' to friends. Usually Sky has Natasha and Angelina on a leash, literally. Then usually display talents, or he'll "lend" them out for others to use as they see fit."

"Rodger…isn't going to do that to me? Is he? Right?" Raven thought about it and shook her head.

"I doubt it. You're fairly new to this. So you'll be by his side the whole time."

"Oh thank god." Raven patted her on the back.

"I doubt he would put you through that unless he was sure you were ready." Rodger had called her again after the last conversation just to check up on her. He was comforting her if anything. He didn't bring up what had happened, but she knew he knew by now. He was going be home soon and that's really all she was looking forward to at the moment.

"So why do you seem worried?" The question was directed towards Krissy.

"I heard something about, changing the line-up." Krissy said softly.


"She means about who is going to be on leash next to him, and who is going to be entertaining." Raven answered. "It's usually Natasha, Krissy and Angelina, and then Jack would be entertaining. I would be serving food and drinks. But I'm guessing with Angelina and Jack's behavior it's going to change. But I doubt he's going to make Krissy perform." She glanced at the shy girl on the floor. "He cherishes her too much."

"Raven." She jumped and turned to look at the doorway. Sky was standing there smiling at her with a grin that made her skin crawl. "You need to come with me. Now." Raven hopped up and followed him out. Sky led her back to his room and her kneel on the floor. "Your training was interrupted last time. I think we should start it back up again." He grabbed her chin and jerked it up so she was looking at him as he stood behind her.

"Shall we start from the beginning?" He smiled down at her, and Raven felt a small chill claw up her back. She got thrown down on to the bed, her legs still dangling off the sides, he made her kneel down with her face being held down on to the bed. She could feel Sky standing directly behind her, close enough that when he yanked her head up by her hair the back of her head ended up landing on his hip.

"Nice to know you can keep up with me. Natasha has been training on you the side?" he asked calmly.

"Yes sir." She answered.

"I'm still trying to decide if I want you calling me that. For the night of the party, 'Master' might make me happier. You're not an assistant anymore. I want you on my leash for the event." Raven perked up.

"Just for that night sir?" He yanked her head back so that she was looking up at him.

"At the moment yes, but if you do well that night I'll consider making it permanent." He kissed her forehead and pushed her off.

"What about Angelina sir?"

"I have something especially planned for her. Get on the bed." Raven crawled onto the bed and lay down on her back completely still. Sky walked over to the dresser and pulled out his riding crop and set it down. "Spread your legs." She spread her legs wider as he walked back over and ran the leather end of the crop over her hips and gave her a slight tap. Raven resisted the urge to flinch. Sky smiled at her and smacked the inside of her hip with a little more force. Still no reaction. "Turn over I have to see something." Raven turned onto her stomach and with one swift move the riding crop landed down on ass with a loud smack. Raven flinched slightly but didn't scream out.

"She really put some time into you, didn't she?" He asked. Raven nodded. "Great. She loves making me work for things. But I can think of something she hasn't done yet." Raven turned her to the side to see him getting on the bed behind her and the next feeling being of his two fingers entering her roughly making her whimper slightly. "Oh, you're sensitive." She felt a sharp pain run through her making her release a whimper. Sky let the end of the writing crop land on her pussy again. "I knew she missed a part." Raven felt the urge to curl up and move away, but Sky used one hand to keep her in place.

"Let's have some fun with this before I decide."

Rodger stepped out of the shower, and saw Natasha sprawled out on the bed wearing sweats and bra. Her long ginger hair fell down past her shoulders covering up the scars and bruises left by Sky. Clearly Rodger could see freckles on her face, that she usually covered with makeup, they trailed down her chest and stopped right above her breasts. Rodger plopped down next to her on the bed and she leaned on his shoulder affectionately.

"Just saying, it's nice that you are hanging out more with us." She said softly.

"It's not permanent. Just till this over." He said coldly. Natasha sighed and pulled away.

"Can't you both let it go? I know Sky doesn't act like it but he is still mad at you too. And I understand, having two doms under the same roof and sharing the same slaves is hard. But you guys were great friend's till-"

"You showed up."


"You showed up, the minute we took you home, it became unbalanced. We couldn't share you. Then Angelina kept getting more jealous and lashed out more and I didn't agree with how Sky handled it." Natasha shifted back onto the bed until she was up against the wall.

"I didn't think you cared about me that way."

"Of course I care. I just wanted someone for myself, and you seemed better for him anyway. You are marrying him aren't you?" She frowned at him and stared down at the simple engagement ring on her finger. He had gotten her a silver ring, her preferred metal, with small diamonds embedded in it. Sky had picked it up after his visit with his parents. It hadn't sunk in just yet that she was possibly marrying him, legally becoming his.

"I think you would make a great mom." A pillow smacked him in the back of the head immediately and Natasha heard him chuckle slightly. He pulled his laptop out of his bag and opened the webcam up and called up Alex. She answered after a few minutes, looking tired but happy. She didn't have any visible bruises on her face from what he could see. Knowing that she still was avoiding the subject, he wouldn't put it pass her to put make up on to cover up any blemishes. She was still smiling lovingly at him and answered fast enough that he didn't have to worry.

"Good evening."

"Hi Master."

"So how do you like Raven and Krissy so far?" He asked.

"Krissy is okay. She's very quiet. Sometimes she just sits there and doesn't join in the conversation. Raven is fun, but I haven't seen her since this morning." Alex answered. He didn't bother to mention that she slipped up and didn't call him 'master'.

"Well I know Sky has some plans for her. And he's probably just putting her through some extra training. Probably just a slight tune up."

"Master.." He couldn't help but smile. "I heard the bed slamming against the wall pretty hard."

"Sky likes trying out his new toys. Breaking them in is always the hardest part. But I don't think he's doing what you think he's doing."

"I thought he was a sadist sir."

"Yes, but Raven is aware of this it's nothing she's never handled before." Natasha snuck up behind him and rested her head on her shoulder. She waved at Alex on the screen.

"Hi sweetie. I hope is everything is going well for you." Natasha could see her smile shyly at her. Natasha pulled away and moved to her own bed.

"Well I need to get to bed and you need to rest, I'll be home tomorrow night."

"Alright." Alex answered sleepily. She waved goodnight and he shut the computer down. He slid it back into the suitcase. He got back under the covers not before sending a message to Sky and then fell asleep.

Back home Sky had Raven sprawled across his lap purring and nuzzling to close to him. She had light bruising forming on her back and arms but she seemed content regardless of the pain. Sky ran his fingers through her hair and was about to drift when he felt his phone buzz in his pocket. He pulled out to check it and smiled at his new message from Rodger:

Message Sent at 1:09 am:

You had your fun with them. My turn.

Angelina was laying on her bed reading, when she felt the sudden jolt from her leg, dragging her to the floor. She twisted and turned to see who it was and wanted to scream when she saw Rodger staring at her coldly. "Get up." He ordered. He yanked her up by her head and forced her to walk out of her room and down the hall. He got her to his room and pushed her onto the floor. She heard the door lock behind her. To her horror, Jack was already there tied up and kneeling on the floor with his shirt off.

"Take your shirt off." She tried unbuttoning but her fingers kept shaking until Rodger got fed up and ripped it open and pulled it off. "Kneel. Now" She got to the kneeling position and quickly tied her arms behind her back. "Now questions for both of you, well for Angelina more like." He pulled out two items from underneath his bed and threw the toys down in front of her.

"Angelina. You've been here longer. Now, what's my specialty?" He asked her. She looked down and saw the coiled up black leather whip lying in front of her, and next to it a red flogger. She looked at the flogger hopeful. "You wish." He said. He kicked the flogger out of the way and picked up the whip and started to slowly uncoil it.

"Now here are your options. I can whip you and spare Jack you can take the full punishment. Or, pass the buck to Jack and I whip him as you watch. Either way, someone crawls away from here with blood." Angelina looked at Jack who seemed to pleading through his eyes to let him go.

"Hurry up and choose or I whip you both."

"Jack!" Angelina screamed out. Jack glared her as Rodger forced him up and against the wall.

"Count. Let's get to 50 and we'll see how I feel by then." He flicked the whip next to Jack's face, making the crack go off in his ear. Angelina was sitting up straight as the whip thrashed at Jack's back.

Alex was asleep in the guest room, tucked under the covers. She wasn't woken up by the cracking of the whip and the screams. She didn't even hear the door creak open and Rodger slip in. He put his bags down at the foot of the bed. He crawled into bed and cradled her in his arms. He nuzzled her neck and fell asleep next to her.