Camilla rested her head down on the desk and tried to close her eyes. But the phone refused to be ignored as it rang again. She clicked the button her headset to answer with the usual monotone answer: "Ripley associates how may I direct your call?" She's said the same greeting for years now and of course the cheerfulness didn't stay the same as when she first started working there.

"Wow, you sound excited." came over the headset.

"Hi Sandra." Camilla sighed into the phone. "How's accounting?"

"It's all numbers as always. So sushi for lunch? My treat?" At the mention of sushi Camilla's stomach growled loudly. Her break did start soon, but being treated to sushi I always meant one thing.

"You want details on last weekend, don't you?" She heard Sandra giggle over the phone.


"See you at the same place Sandra." When lunchtime hit Camilla made her way to the sushi restaurant across from the building. It was a revolving sushi bar, and waiting at their usual spot was Sandra waving at her from across the room. Sandra was the perky blonde friend to Camilla's cynical brunette. They knew each other since college, graduated at the same time with different degrees.

As she approached the table Sandra was already bouncing in her chair. Her hair was curly and a bright like wheat, which made her skin even paler. Working with numbers did have some advantages, such as being able to dress in bright designer clothes and own expensive purses.

"Nice to see you got 'another' designer bag." Camilla commented as she sat down. Sandra blushed and hid her Gucci bag under her arm.

"I-it was on sale." she stammered out.

"What, they took 50 cents off?" Camilla laughed and grabbed a plate of the revolving belt. Sandra watched the plates go around intently, shyly trying to reach out for one that wasn't covered in anything foreign. "I don't know why you insist on coming here,when you only eat one the type of sushi."

"Sorry fish eggs are gross, kimchi is weird and wasabi is too spicy." Sandra lamented.

"You know that American Wasabi is actually spicier than the actual stuff right?" Camilla stuffed a california roll in her mouth.

"Mhmm. Speaking of spicy, how was the company party last weekend? I noticed you were noticeably absent for the rest of it." Sandra waggled her perfect eyebrows at her. Camilla groaned and swallowed hard before beginning to retell her last encounter with Mark. Throughout the story Sandra listened with one hand covering her mouth and her eyes twinkling with excitement.

When she reached the end of the story Sandra finally seemed to breathe. Camilla continued grabbing plates of the conveyor belt as Sandra pondered.

" the next morning nothing else happened? No post coitus conversation?" Sandra asked. Camilla almost choked on a shrimp.

Camilla coughed and pounded on her chest. "I hate it when you use that word."

"What? Coitus?" Sandra smiled as Camilla scrunched her face.

"No. We didn't talk much. He kissed me on the forehead and told me to have a good weekend."

"After a pounding like that it would be kind of hard not to." Camila nodded in agreement and motioned for the waiter to come by. "I don't get why you two just don't...I don't know...make it more...legit?" Sandra picked at the roll on the plate. The waiter dropped off a glass of water for Camilla and left the check with her.

"We're not looking for anything like that right now. It would complicate things."

"I know that's how you guys wanted it in the beginning first started...bumping uglies-"

"Oh my god Sandy, say sex. Or fucked just stop with the other names."

"Fine." She huffed. "Since you two started having sex on a consistent basis. How do you know he doesn't want more?"

"Because he would have by now." Her phone started to buzz in her purse, signaling the 5 minute warning for her to go back to work. "Ugh. Back to the grind."

"Hey, like I said sushi is on me." Sandra grabbed the check and smiled at her. "You head back to work."

Camilla stopped at the crosswalk and waited for the light to change. She sighed and thought over what happened that night. Yes the next morning was a quick goodbye but he left something behind as well.

When she got back to her desk she pulled out a small envelope out from her purse and looked it over. Inside was a small card with today's date and a time: 11:00pm. She looked over her desk to see if anyone was at the door, then quickly pulled out her phone and texted him:

Message sent at 3:03 p.m.


So….what's 11:00p.m.?

Message received at 3:15pm.


It's a time. What about it.

"Cocky son of a bitch…" she thought to herself. She looked back at the business card again and his name was written on the back.

Message sent at 3:17 p.m.


The card. You left it on the table before you left. It said 11:00 p.m.

This time it took him awhile before he answered back. Camilla answered a few calls, and had shoved her phone back into a drawer till she heard it vibrate again. When the lobby grew quiet again she pulled out her phone and checked her messages.

Message received at 3:45 p.m.


Yes I did left a card. It was an invitation for someone else. Not you.

"Ouch...I know he has other partners but ouch."

Message sent at 4:05 p.m.


Oh. Ok.

She was about to put her phone away when it buzzed again.

Message received at 4:07 p.m.


But since you found it, I see no reason why you can't come instead.

My place. 11:00 p.m.

"I didn't even agree to go, you ass!" She screamed in her head. She breathed and didn't bother answering him. She had one more hour of peace before rush hour started and she had to be ready for the phones.

The afternoon went by swiftly and she was able to clock at 9 p.m. on time when all the offices closed. As she walked to her car through the parking garage she still juggled the idea of going over to Mark's. He hadn't even asked or really invited. He just expected her to be there. As if she already wanted to go.

"He doesn't even know if I want to show up. Or if I have plans. Not like I want to go." She stopped in front of her car and checked her phone again. No text back asking her if she was showing up.

"Not like i'm doing anything else tonight…"

Camilla arrived at his apartment ten minutes early., dressed up in a red 50's cocktail dress, she even did her again to make it look nice and wore bright red lipstick. She breathed in deeply and knocked on the door. She waited a moment and the door slowly opened. Mark was standing there wearing a bathrobe.

"Hi." he said. His face was clammy and his hair was still damp. "Come on in." She stepped into his apartment. He had moved the furniture around and the leather post wasn't in the middle of the room anymore. In it's place was a leather bondage horse. There was a portable rack nearby with various instruments hanging from it. "Give me a minute to get ready. Strip down." And he left into his bedroom.

Camilla peeled off her dress and shoes and folded them up. She checked the rack and saw what he had pulled out for the night. Dangling first in line was a purple leather dragon tail, then next a black flogger. And down the line were different toys he could throw at her ending with a wooden paddle.

Eventually he came out, wearing leather pants and no shirt. He pointed to the floor and she immediately kneeled down on the floor. He tapped his chest, and she removed her bra.

"Better. Get on the horse." She jumped up and straddled her on the horse and laid down on top, and put her hands behind her back. He tied her hands together, and placed a blindfold over her eyes. She felt him slide a gloved hand over her back and massage her ass. Without warning she felt a stinging start at her ass and go up her back as he smacked her. He massaged the spot he hit and smacked her again.

Camilla gritted her teeth and groaned. She could see him smiling in her head as he massaged her shoulders.

"Ready?" he asked.

"Yes. Sir." She heard him unhook something from the rack, and it was dangling over her back lightly. Then it came down hard, leaving her back throbbing and hot. He kept smacking it on her back until she got into the rhythm of it, and began rubbing against the horse and moaning.

"Starting to enjoy that?" he said. He smacked her back and she let out a small hiccup. "Cute. Keep opening your mouth like that i'm going to have put something in it." He started to going faster. Camilla felt her eyes roll back, and she felt a warmth wash over her, she was relaxing down again. After the 30th strike, he stopped and massaged her back again.

"Do you like rubberbands?" She tried to sit up but fell back down hard. He laughed. "I'm kidding. I know you hate them. But-" She felt him move away, and something cracked in the air. The next feeling was sharp at her feet, then another at her ass leaving a stinging sensation. He snapped the dragon tail at her a few more on her calves then rubbed her legs.

He removed his gloves and touched his bare hands to her skin.

"Your skin is getting heated. How are you feeling?" She nodded, keeping her mouth shut. "Nu uh. Open that mouth up." He grabbed her hair and yanked her head up, her mouth falling open. She felt her mouth fill up with his cock. One hand on her head and the other on her back. With his grip, he thrusted in and out of her mouth quickly.

"Little cocksucker. Seriously thought I wasn't ready for you tonight. Thought I didn't want you to come over originally?" She gagged as he eased himself to the back of her throat. "Breathe through your nose." She calmed herself down and breathed her nose, and he moaned as she began deep throating. The moment she started to moan he pulled out of her mouth. He walked back around her and smacked her ass. He untied her hands let her grip down on the horse he moved her back onto him, sliding her onto his cock. She felt full as the pleasure circulated through her body.

"You shouldn't still be this tight after all the times I fucked you." He moved in and out of her slowly, he continued to shudder as he was in there. Eventually she felt herself start convulse, he went faster. She came onto him, and he pulled out of her, still jacking himself off with a gloved hand. He grunted as he came onto her back, splashing her with the hot liquid.

Camilla twitched on the horse, she tried to regain the will to move, but could only stretch her toes. Her back felt like it was burning up as if she had just been in the sun all day. And her muscles were limp.

Mark removed the blindfold, and lifted her head up to look at him. In other his hand, he was still holding his cock, that was dripping with cum but still hard. He smirked.

"Clean up your mess." he said softly. And she happily opened her mouth wide.