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Spencer's POV

Spence woke up at the annoying sound of her clock alarm blaring into her right ear. She tried to hit the snooze button though missed. Luckily the second time worked and she could finely let her ears have a rest. She then looked tiredly at her cream color ceiling for only a few moments before getting up and out of bed. She slowly made her way down stairs and into the kitchen. Making some coffee and breakfast was a regular routine for her. She was never woken up by her parents particularly her mum since she had passed away when Spencer was only thirteen. Her dad worked all the time so she had to take care of her self on her own.

After taking a shower she dryer her hair and got into her outfit for the day. She walked to her car wearing knee high boots, skinny leg jeans, and a white flowery top with matching jacket and to top it all off a Prada bag. She hopped in swiftly and turned on the engine with a purr. While driving to her local high school she received a text from Charlie letting her know she would be meeting Spencer at the front door a little later then she expected. She didn't reply knowing that it wasn't necessary doing so.

She then finely arrived and quickly took a nice parking spot in the shade. Then casually stepped out of her black Macerate and out onto school grounds she noticed some students giving her a small smile or a slight wave, she did the same back and continued to the front door. Making her way inside she resent Charlies text to Peyton. While walking down the wide hallways she saw many exchange students who were taking classes at their school for a month while there students were away doing exchange as well.

She walked passed without another glance back though suddenly a loud whistle came out of no wear. You know the one you give a hot guy or girl that walks past. She kept sauntering down the hall, not considering the fact that it could have been her that was whistled to. I mean why would she. She didn't think she was pretty with dark brown hair, brown eyes and cream color skin she considered herself average looking though many other students would disagree. Reaching her locker she grabbed her books and popped them into her bag. When she was done she hurried back knowing Peyton would soon arrive. As on cue she saw Peyton coming towards the front door.