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Spencer P.O.V.

"Hey sorry I'm late, but thanks for waiting," Charlie said as she entered the building. "We were just about to give up on you, you know," I told her. "Well thanks for sticking around." She replied smiling. "You know the least you could have done was buy us coffee's as an apology," Peyton told Charlie. "Now we better hurry or Mr Peterman is going to kick my ass for being late."

We had since gone a separate ways and were now heading off to our morning classes. I had Chemistry in which I was the only one that concentrated. Well apart from the nerds or course. I entered the classroom to find it empty apart from one boy who sat close to the front by the window. He looked up at me and froze. I walked over to him and as I did his eyes followed my every moment.

"Hi, ah you must be new here?" I asked him as I sat down beside him. "Si, I am from Spain," He told me with a thick Spanish accent. "Oh are you here for the whole term?" I question him as I placed my books in front of me. He nodded while staring intently at me. "I'm Nicolos," he said as he held his hand towards me. "I'm Spencer," I said while smiling and shaking him hand. It was quite large compared to my small one. His grip was soft yet gentle and I could feel that is was muscular.

The classroom soon filled up with various students though he didn't talk to anyone else besides me. The teacher told us about the exchange students and asked them all to stay up and introduce themselves to us. When it was Nicolos' turn to stand he did and said a few things about himself, which included that he would like to learn to play football better. He then sat down and looked over at me with a broad smile. I smiled politely back and then continued to listen to the other exchange students. When class finally concluded it was time for me to head to Math.

Nicolos had been in two other classes of mine so far and I kept catching him glancing my way every so often. It was starting to creepy me out but I decided to be nice and shrug it off. When lunch came around I sat at my usual table. Spencer and Peyton of course joined me along with two other girls and four guys. "Brodie what happened to your finger?" one of the guys asked."Basketball. Can't play for three weeks which is a bummer." Brodie stated to his friend. Brodie was one of our guy friends who had recently hurt his finger playing. I felt sorry for the poor guy because basketball was his mayor sport and he loved it to death.

"That does suck. Well hope it recovers soon man." Mike stated smiling slightly at Brodie. Brodie and me went way back to fourth grade. He was like my brother among the group. While Mike was a good friend he could be very immature at times. I then heard one of the girls pipe up. "I met Nicolos today and boy, is he fine." Miranda stated. "Agreed. I can't wait till we have swimming next week in P.E." Laurence gushed excitedly. "Can't believe that you get P.E. with him. I'm so jealous. The only class he and I have together is English which of course he isn't even very good at." Miranda told Laurence sadly.

I wasn't that close with either Laurence or Miranda. Out of the two girls I would say I'm closer to Laurence. Seeing as I call her Lauri and she doesn't seem to mind. I also share P.E with her and I must say her and I are alike in that area. We both seem to enjoy our sport and physical exercise. While Miranda seems to complain about anything physical. I also have to wonder how she isn't massively obese but I guess her lunch trey sums up how 'much' she eats or lack of. Don't get me wrong, I like her I just don't understand her very much.