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I walked to my second last period of the day. All day the only thing I had heard was gossip about Nicolos. Don't get me wrong he was nice and all but why was every girl obsessed with him after only one day.

As I reached for the handle of the door, it swung straight towards me. Next thing I know I was on the ground cursing under my breath. I looked up to see Dylan standing there, giving me a huge smirk.

"What the hell you jerk, why did you open the door so quickly?" My response made him chuckle. Ahhhhg, the nerve of this asshole. I'd known him since Kindergarten and even back then he'd been a prick. I picked myself up off the floor and pated my jeans down.

"Spencer would you like to come inside and join the rest of your peers in today's lesson?" Ms West asked me as she snuck her head around the door. "Dylan, apologize and go swiftly to the bathroom." I was now the one wearing a smirk though he just rolled his eyes, while walking straight past me without any apology. I just swore to no end inside my mind. I didn't like taking crap from no one.

I walked inside hastily and sat down at my assigned seat. After five minutes I felt a jab in my back and turned my head toward the nuisance called Cheyen. I raised an eyebrow at her refusing to utter a word afraid it would do more harm then good. Every class she bugs me for some supply, most of the time the implement is a pencil or pen.

I hate, and I do mean hate, those people who aren't prepared. I understand if you're my friend or it's an occasional occurrence to borrow something. This girl has got issues though because it isn't only my class she doesn't bring anything. It's every class, every day. "Pencil?" she requests without even a please or any trace of manners. I turn back to Ms West without a word.

Only moments later though I feel the jab of her finger dig into my skin. Once, twice, thrice and finally I turn around and give her a killer death glare. I turn back to the front and hope that she gets the message. I wait for what I know will soon come, the jabbing though doesn't come. Maybe fate is on my side and she realises I'm at the end of my rope. "Pencil?" she whispers in my ear.

"Cheyen zip it." Thank the lord for Ms West, at this moment I could not be happier for her presence and attention to students. Another word and I would have done some damage "As I was saying, an experiment was done by Janet Ruscher in 1997. To begin the experiment 135 American males were divided into two groups." I found this call pretty interesting and Ms West certainly had helped the enjoyment factor.

Unlike some of my teachers she was engaging and was ruthless when it came to disobedient kids though she too had a joking side. She had a daughter in our grade who I shared only one class with. She was a wicked dancer and displayed herself through her unique style and self-confident. She also happened to be dating Brodie, which made her receive an A+ in my books.

The bell soon rung, meaning the school day was over. "Everyone remember pop quiz on Monday so I hope you were all paying attention," Ms West somewhat shouts over everyone's chatter. We all rush out of the room though I'm more pushed out by the sea of people. I was thankful though that the day was done and I could go home and just be by myself. I went to my locker as fast as I could which wasn't too hard considering it was only about 200 meters away. The hard part was making your way through the crowd of people safely. Once I had arrived I felt a buzz in my pocket. I pulled out my phone and looked at the screen.

Fainted in Bio, also any chance you can come early tomorrow to help me study for English test x

I texted her back to let her know that I hoped she was okay and that tomorrow morning was a done deal. I shoved it back in my pocket and opened my locker. I grabbed the books I needed for tonight and placed the rest away. With that out of the way I locked it back up and power walked to freedom. I sat at the counter doing parts of my homework with music playing in the background.

Dad wouldn't be home till nine so it was just me, myself and Rex for another five or so hours. Rex was my Burmese Mountain dog. I know the name is odd but lets just say I was obsessed with dinosaurs as a kid and as hard as my mum fought for a different name, I got my way. The name Rex doesn't suit his personality but I was five and loved the T-Rex the best and I loved my dog just as much.

He brushed his body along my legs and looked up at me with those eyes. I remembered Rex would do this to my mum whenever she'd be cooking and without a second thought my mum would lean down and give Rex a belly rub. With those eyes, who could deny Rex what he wanted. Maybe he was a devil at heart but a lovable one at that. I proceeded to hop off the chair and give him one lovely and lengthy belly rub. When he was satisfied I decided it was time for dinner.

After an hour of cooking I laid a plate down on the table. I placed two other places for my parents and put two empty bowls down for them. I had done this every day since mum had passed. It was my way of never forgetting her. Before I could begin eating I popped the rest in the fridge for my dad. I sat there at the table enjoying my meal until the bowl was empty.

I loved to cook, it was my safety net when I was upset or stressed, however running was a close second. When all the dishes were done I began again to work on my homework until there was no more left to occupy my time. I needed to rest and relax. I sat on my bed and cocooned myself with blankets. I put in my headphones and listened as song rain rung through my ear buds.

I was born in British Columbia where, let me tell you, it rains a lot. I had grown accustom to often hearing rain on the roof at night so to make up for the lack of rain I used the recorded version of rain. With the soft pattering calming me, my eyes became heavy as I drifted off to sleep.

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