Ever since I was a little girl,

I dreamed of a Prince Charming,

To carry me in his arms,

To fall in love with me while we dance,

And adore me as I twirl.

It wasn't until I grew a little older,

Did I come to realize,

This Prince Charming only exists,

In little girl dreams.

Not only that but that true love,

Every girl fantasies about,

Is a load of bull, taking one look at my mother,

I realized girls could do without.

I remember telling you this,

One sunny afternoon,

Your hair was dripping wet,

From throwing water balloons,

You tilted your head to the side,

I awaited the wise remarks, you were sure to give,

But all you said was, "The bus will be here soon."

I mentally kicked myself,

For saying all of this,

What would he know anyway?

He lives in his own bliss,

What with the perfect girlfriend,

And those lovey-dovey kisses.

We boarded the bus,

Slowly yet causally,

You bump my arm,

Seeming so accidental,

But it makes my mind,

Believe, dream,

Of a time just you and me

How can you be so stupid,

I think to myself,

You've been friends since kindergarten

If he wanted you,

He would have taken you,

By now,

Besides love isn't real,

Do you really want to lose him,

To an imaginary feeling?

Or keep him forever,

Your best friend,

No feelings lingering?


He whispers touching my shoulder,

I glance at him,

"I know how it seems,"

he says to me,

"But love is real,

It's true and beautiful,

And it's calling for you."

I want to believe you,

I scream in my mind,

I already do,

So bad I want to cry,

But then I don't,

I want to think,

Of a place love isn't real,

So it doesn't hurt,

When I look at you.

You look so sad,

When I don't respond,

"You don't believe me, do you?"

I shake my head, no,

He looks away then, out the window.

"Just wait, you'll see,

One day you'll find love,

And you'll thank me."

I want to snort then,

At the irony,

Someone out there,

Must really hate me,

Here I am,

Talking to the boy I love,

Trying to convince me,

To believe in love.

He gets off then,

With one single smile to me,

I watch from the window,

As he whistles down the street,

So carefree.

"Walk away now,"

I whisper all alone.

"From the one girl,

Who'll love you like her own."

And at that moment I realize,

From now and forever on,

That no one will hold my

Heart, but him.

And him alone.