Once upon a time, in a faraway land. In a jungle, lived many different kinds of animals and an old hat name "The Hat of Judgment". Every animal went to the Hat, seeking advice in centuries. All of Hat's judgments and predictions were correct, without even a one fail. The hat vowed that if he predicted anything wrong he would die for he has been made for being correct all the time. After years came to him a selfish Owl who didn't believe in the hat's judgment and jealous of its fame. The Owl flow to the hat asked for prediction.

"The nest on the highest tree will fall." Predicted the hat.

The Owl flow to the highest tree and sat there until a heavy wind came and the nest fell. The Owl jumped after it and caught it before it hit the ground.

The next day the Owl went to the hat "The nest didn't break as you predicted." Said the Owl proudly.

"I predicted it would fall and it did. I didn't say anything about it being broken." Said the Hat with a special pride.

Angry of his lost the Owl requested another prediction and the Hat did it for him "Before the sunset your wing will be injured." He said

The Owl left and stayed in his house without anything to eat. Just near the sunset the hunger troubled him and he went to get food just then he crashed into a tree for he was exhausted. He fell on the ground with an injured wing, just then he saw the sunrise. Irritated he went to the Hat, and asked him for one last prediction.

"You will die within a day." Said the Hat

Filled with horror the Owl returned to his nest and began to think of a way to stop this but he couldn't. Waiting he began to count the minutes and the day ended. The Owl was amused of being still alive. He went out of his nest to visit the Hat and inform him of his wrong prediction that while he was flying an arrow ripped his heart and died. The animals in the jungle went to inform the hat and found him dead for he had predicted the Owl dead within a day not a day and an hour. They both had greeted death as an old friend and left earth for their pride, departing this life as equals.