A tribute to those old black and white horror pictures they used to make at Universal Studios. Please comment nicely!

Polly couldn't help herself. Professor Wilcox had left her alone inside the tomb with strict instructions not to look inside the ancient treasure chest. She tried to resist. But being in Egypt and finding ancient treasure was so exciting. So of course she had to open it right away!

"Golly! What a terrible smell!" She had to admit it wasn't what she was expecting. Polly had been hoping for jewels, or gold. Instead it was just a hand. A mummy's hand, wrapped in bandages. It was frightening, and she pulled away. The stench of decay almost made her want to be sick.

Still, when she looked back in the box Polly felt her curiosity creeping back. The mummy's hand wore a ring, huge and heavy looking, made of solid gold. She wouldn't steal it. She wouldn't! Maybe if she just tried it on for a minute . . .

"Darn!" Professor Wilcox had warned her about this. After so many thousands of years, the mummified hand was so fragile that it crumbled away to dust the moment Polly touched it. All that was left was the ring.

She told herself it wasn't really stealing when the poor man had been dead and gone for thousands of years. Even the mummy's hand was gone. It was all dust. Polly put the big gold ring on her finger, and much to her surprise it fit perfectly. The only problem was she couldn't take it off . . .