Chapter Five: Eternal Passion

"Merciful gods!" The slave girl awoke in the arms of her lover, astonished by the strange dream she'd just had.

"Well, the fearless rebel awakes at last." Prince Ramjut caressed the face of his beloved. "After all the trouble you caused this morning, small wonder you slept all afternoon."

"Trouble?" Memories buzzed in her head like bees – but they were strange memories of a world that didn't seem real. Instinctively Yellow Flower nestled closer to her lord, settling her pale cheek against his deeply bronzed chest. "I had the most horrible dream – the priests accused you of robbing sacred treasures from the temple. They cut off your hand, and you were buried and forgotten for endless ages. But the worst part was that I was alone. All alone. It was ghastly."

"You will never be alone," the prince said quietly, savoring the warmth of the slave-girl pressed against him. "I'm sorry about what happened at the temple this morning. I didn't want to kill the head priest. But I had no choice. That yellow hair of yours makes you sacred to the sun. I couldn't just stand by and let them sacrifice you."

"It was my fault." The slave girl felt both pride and sadness. "When you broke into the inner sanctuary and rescued me, I should have just left with you quietly. I shouldn't have gone crazy like I did. I shouldn't have said such terrible things. Someday the priests will catch up with us, won't they?"

"Yes, my love." Ramjut gathered her close for a kiss, the heat of his desire both fascinating and compelling. "Still, I wouldn't have missed seeing you kick open the sacred grain silos, so the poor could eat. Or that speech you made about the world to come, where freedom and justice will be the right of all the people, not just pharaohs and priests. Will such a world ever come to be?"

"Yes, my love." The slave girl kissed her master with loyal passion and fervent lips. "There will be a better world someday. You and I will both be a part of it. We will be free!"

The handsome dark prince raised a jet-black eyebrow. "I don't know if I like that, Yellow Flower. Suppose there is no place for our kind of love in this new world of freedom?"

Impulsively Yellow Flower snatched up a great golden ring from the table beside the bed. "With this ring, my lord and master, I make a pledge to you that such a world is real. And I will belong to you there body and soul, just as I do here."

"And if you forget your promise?" Ramjut's dark eyes were sad as the bewitching slave girl slipped the ring on his finger. The heavy gold ring he now wore as his own had once belonged to the head priest.

"Then you must haunt me in my sleep. You must shadow me like death itself. You must never rest until I am yours again. Now make me remember the passion of old!" Yellow Flower's whisper ended with a cry as her royal master pulled her down and pinned her squirming body beneath him.

The bold prince and his slave both knew what awaited them. Yet they continued to make love on the bed, united by eternal passion, even as the night fell and the stars grew bright and the priests plotted their destruction.