Tangled Dreams

I poke holes in the veil and hope the light shines through,

But only darkness shows through the holes,

The walls press in;

The room grows dim.

I paint a plastic smile on an honest face,

But the tears wash it all away

Revealing the truth beneath the lies,

And suddenly I realize I am

Not strong.

I whisper, I whimper, I cry where no one can see.

I beg and plead, but never on bended knee.

And while my mind understands it all,

My heart rebels and takes the fall,

Tangled in the threads of this twisted dream

I weave.

Holes never let in the light,

No matter how much I wish it.

Plastic smiles never hide the pain,

Though I wish they could.

I speak to empty walls in empty rooms;

I life my voice to an empty sky,

And hope that maybe

You can hear me.