Just a song I wrote.

Sweet Rebel

I am not who you think I am

I am not like the others

I am rebellous but also sweet

I'm the devil turning into darkness

I'm the angel lighting up your life

I don't even give a fuck, I'm gonna fight

Stand up for what is right!

(Sweet sweet)

Sweet rebel

(Sweet sweet)

I am the sweet rebel

Never gonna hurt you

Just stand by your side

Prepare yourself

You're gonna die!

I'll be your savior

And also your knight

Those imbeciles won't understand

What it takes to be a man

(Sweet sweet)

Sweet rebel

(Sweet sweet)

Yeah, I'm your sweet rebel

Sweet rebel's gonna save you tonight

I'm always there no matter what

What it costs I'll pay the price

I'll take you hand and it'll be all right

Look in my eyes, there's nothing there

Except the love for you that we share

You understand now, it's clear to see

You know what you mean to me

You're my sweet rebel baby

Be my angel tonight

Devil and angel, a perfect sight

(Sweet rebel. Sweet sweet rebel)

Yeah, you're my sweet rebel

(Sweet rebel. Sweet sweet rebel)

Take my hand, we'll fight tonight

Fight forever, side by side

We are the sweet rebels!

First real attempt at writing a song. Tell me what you think :)