The only words as that ran through my head as I pulled the guy into the janitor's closet were: Get the info. Then get the hell out of here. I pushed the dragon pendant to his forehead. In 5 seconds, it glowed green. Then I slapped him in the face to wake him up, and dove out the window. I was running. Then, instead of a girl with bright orange hair and tall boots (one disguise), people would now see a woman with black stilettos, a mini purse, and a mini black dress (another disguise).

Now yes, you're probably thinking, "How could she have changed so fast?" Well I didn't. I'm a shape shifter, with a few more tricks up my sleeve (you'll learn later). I'm part of "The Pendants" (it's a long story that will be explained, sooner or later). This is why I used my "gifts" to collect information. You may have heard of spies, I'm like that. Or if you've heard of satyrs in the series "Percy Jackson and the Olympians"; I'm more like them. But in a way not even close. I really look like a girl with dark green eyes, short dark (and I mean dark) brown hair, who's 'bout five feet, three inches, with pierced ears. But no one, unless I let them, have ever seen me that way. I can't say I have really have parents, 'cause I was given to "The Pendants" at age three and they told me my parents were dead.

The last guy I "tracked" as named Jupon Tyodj. I think he's African. He probably only remembers me as the "shadows kid", 'cause that's what everybody called me at his school. He's an orphan, like me. I only go after other orphans anyways. That how I work. It's probably because I don't want to take kids away from their parents.

Now back to the present. I was walked carefully down the street, making sure no one saw my change, when a little girl ran into me, when she was coming out of a candy store with her mom. I fell over, and my "disguise" flicker. The mom saw that and screamed. I took off running down the sidewalk. When I turned the corner, I dove into a bush and crawled to the other road.

Then, I heard a gun shot.