The police were swarming the room. Then someone took me to a room labeled "INTEROGATION" on the door.

I had never seen the man before. But boy did he look scary. When the door was closed, the room changed. It went from a simple looking gray-walled room with a small brown desk; to one of those rooms were scientists experiment on people. It smelled like chemicals and blood. "Where the hell am I?" I demanded.

The man, now even more evil looking than expected, spoke. "Just be quiet and we won't harm you."
That pushed me even more. "I don't give a damn about following your orders. Now, where am I."

The guy moved in to grab me. I kneed him in the stomach and dashed off. I think I heard him mutter "dammit".

I got to a corridor where there were two hallways. I heard a girl's voice in my head. Go left. Please trust me. I took the left one 'cause I had no better idea. Someone's coming down the hallway. Bring your foot to their head. It'll knock them out for a bit. You'll have enough time to get out of there. I did exactly what the voice told me to do. I got out of there, with more of her instructions, in about five minutes.

When I got to street level, the girl spoke again. Now I need your help. Go down three blocks into the park. You'll find a girl with short brown hair, dark green eyes, jeans, and a gray sweatshirt. That's me. I'll be fighting a guy covered in tattoos. I need help now. I had nothing better to do, so I set off.

What happened next surprised me, a little too much.