A prompt for an english portfolio I really liked. This is the story created from the prompt of a bride standing in a wrecked room. She's only been there once before in her adult life. Anyways, enjoy!

The Ghost Bride

High in a dusty corner, a spider spun its web, the dew coating it in shimmering pearls of light. Casey sighed deeply, 'What's happened to this place?'

It hadn't always been like this, she knew that, it had once been a beautiful motel room. She and her fiancé had been looking at it last week in order to decide where they wanted to spend their honeymoon. They didn't have enough money to go on a trip, so they had chosen to rent out a motel room in the forest about 20 minutes away from the city they lived in.

Now the room was shattered, damaged, and almost unrecognizable. The nice, red wallpaper had mostly been stripped away to show the wood underneath, the floor was covered with cigarette butts, paper, and other waste. The lamp that had hung from the ceiling now had no shade, the glass covering had been thrown across the room and smashed, the pieces scattered on the bed. The bulb hung bare and Casey looked around, the first time she had seen it, it had been so nice, so pure. Now it stunk like human waste and rot, 'How long has it been since I was here? Surely this much damage couldn't have been done in a week...' She wondered, 'How did I even get here? The last thing I remember was being in the car, driving here to meet Dan because he wanted me to be here in my actual wedding dress, so I left the party after him, and... Oh god, the car crashed, I remember now, the flashing lights, the terrible pain in my legs. Why am I able to walk?' At this realization Casey started to panic and whipped her head around the room.

She felt her legs almost give out from relief, "Dan! Dan, you're here!"

Dan was sitting in a corner, on a chair. His blond hair hanging in front of his eyes while he played with a cigarette.

'He doesn't smoke.' Casey thought, "Dan, I'm right here. Why aren't you looking at me?" She moved closer until she was about a foot away from him, "Dan, can't you hear me? Why won't you respond?" Tentatively, she reached towards his face to brush the hair away. A small chill went up her body as her hand passed right through his head.

With a small scream she pulled her hand away and reeled backwards. 'What's going on? Why did my hand pass through him? It couldn't be... Am I dead? No, I can't be dead.'

"No!" she cried as she looked down and saw she wasn't walking, she was floating, above the floor, "I can't be a ghost! This can't be happening." She felt like crying, only she couldn't cry, no tears came.

"Casey," Came Dan's voice.

Shocked, her head whipped upwards to see Dan staring right at her, 'Can he see me?'

"Casey, where did you go? Why did that truck's driver have to fall asleep?" He sounded so anguished.

Casey moved towards him, reaching out to touch his face, "I'm right here now, look, I'm right here. You can see me."

But he didn't see her, he wasn't looking at her, he was looking past her, "Casey, you were supposed to come back here and we were going to start our honeymoon, it was going to be perfect."

"If you could only see me, we could spend time together." Casey whispered sadly, moving away from him.

She passed by the broken mirror that had too many cigarette butts to count scattered around the broken glass. Blood splattered the walls and the mirror, dripping down in red lines. 'What happened?' Casey looked back at Dan and took in the bandage wrapped around his hand, 'Did he do this?' Out loud she spoke, "Dan, what have you been doing? Why would you hurt yourself? You know I would never want you to do any of this." She knew he wouldn't answer, but she still wanted to talk to him.

"Casey, why haven't you come back yet?" was all he mumbled.

She looked down, 'The accident wasn't my fault, right? I don't remember whose fault it was; he said the driver fell asleep...'

A thin, paper was sitting on the ground beside her, crouching down, Casey read the words;


I love you, please know this, I'll protect this place from other people and soon, I will be with you in death.

Love, Dan.

Casey closed her eyes tiredly and sadly at his confession of love, and then they snapped open, 'He's planning to kill himself?' Out loud, not caring he couldn't hear her, she screamed, "No Dan, don't do it! Don't die! Please!"

Suddenly, Casey heard a large amount of shouting coming from all around the building and someone spoke through a microphone of some sort, "Dan Perez, it's the police, don't move, we have you surrounded. Come out with your hands up, otherwise we will come in and get you."

Casey looked at Dan, 'What did he do? Why are the police here?'

"You'll have to come in to get me, but I won't resist, I can't do this anymore." he called and suddenly Casey realized just how much older he looked, large bags under his eyes, tired expression, and a defeated posture.

A banging on the flimsy door sounded as the police punched and hit the door repeatedly. A few sharp kicks sounded, their steel-toed boots putting holes into the bottom of the door, and their baton-like objects creating a larger hole in the top. Finally, after what seemed like hours, the door gave and swung open, letting them inside. The police rushed at Dan and put him in handcuffs, starting to pull him outside, towards the police cars.

"You're under arrest for five first degree murders." the head cop said.

With those words, everything suddenly deafened for Casey as she stood in the motel doorway, 'He killed 5 people? Who did he kill?' She watched as police went inside the room and opened the closet. Inside were five stacked bodies, the one on top was a child, and the other four were adults.

Casey wanted to fall to her knees and cry, weep for these poor people, and for Dan, but she couldn't cry. Suddenly she tuned back in and heard everything in crystal clarity.

"This guy is so twisted, a kid, he killed a kid!" one of the younger police officers commented as they started moving the bodies.

"He says he's been waiting for his newly wed wife to come back, and until then, no one could use this room. And when they insisted, he killed them. That's what he said anyways when we called the room. He picked up the phone and admitted to everything." another said.

"No," she mumbled to herself, "He wouldn't do this. No, no, no, no, no. It can't be true! It has to be a dream!"

Looking back out the door she could see the police escorting Dan, the love of her life, into the back of the police car.

"Dan," she choked, "What have you done?"

He didn't answer, he never answered her.