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The sun was starting to creep up the horizon when the Indian stopped his horse for a drink at the third creek we crossed, Bett stumbled down the bank behind us and drank deeply, and it comforted me that she had followed us. She was my close friend really, the main creature I talked to and worked with, she reminded me of home as well.

Untying my gag, the man behind me lifted a canteen to my lips and I drank greedily as my throat was parched something awful. He let me drink my fill before refilling the canteen and drinking some himself. I sat, startled in front of him, my wrists bound and my skirt bunched up above my knees, it was very unlady like but I couldn't bring myself to care. The humidity was rising already and I knew there was a very hot summer ahead of us, though I don't know If I'd live to see it.

"Why have you taken me?" I asked, licking my lips and feeling my heart still pounding in my chest, the silence from the past few hours left me feeling awkward and even more nervous about the situation. I could never stand silence much.

His voice was smooth as he answered, "Because I wanted to."

My brow furrowed, "Why?"

"I do not need to give you a reason."

As the horse drank once more, he picked up the reigns and nudged the roan forward down the creek a few paces, Bett followed us steadily. I was grateful he didn't gag me again.

I bit my lip, "I think I have a right to know why you took me. This is my life and I want to know why you took me. So tell me."

I could hear him chuckle behind me, "You are very strong minded for a white woman."

I scoffed, "Yeah well, I ain't like most white women."

He readjusted his hold on my waist as the blue roan started down a steep hill, "I took you because I wanted you. That's all you need to know." At that I was rendered silent and remained that way for the rest of the morning.


By noon we were farther into the mountains than I'd ever been, currently the blue horse plodded along at a smooth, even pace at the bottom of a ravine, Bett silently following behind.

"Where are we going?" I asked yet again as a light breeze fanned my face, my hair was frizzy and matted, hot against my neck. The Indian responded yet again with silence, I sighed looking above at the thin strip of sky that I could see between the trees and mountain rocks, a hawk called from somewhere up there and my eyes strained to see it. The trail was narrow and uneven, continuously winding upward in a crooked line.

My capture was silent, his arm never ceasing from being wrapped around my waist other than being looser than before. "Why did you want me?" I asked, he said nothing.

"What are you going to do with me?"

I bent down to scratch my nose on the saddle horn as he had tied my bound hands to the saddle horn, still he said nothing. Sighing to myself as I straightened I started to sing as I looked around at the beautiful country that we traveled in, the leaves were so green that it left me in awe to see the contrast between them and the stones of the mountains. The tune of twinkle twinkle little star fell from my lips as I thought of my little sister and how worried she must be about me, I missed her, and my little brother too. I hoped they fared well. My voice carried out into open air as we climbed a trail that wrapped around a mountain, a steep slope to the left of us, the horse hugged the solid wall to the right.

The scenery to the left of us was breathtaking and for a moment I forgot where I was, who I missed, and my fears. I heard the call of that hawk again and couldn't help the small smile that came to my lips as I still sang. It was a red tail, a large female soaring through the air like she was weightless and I couldn't help but wonder what it was like to fly.

"You look to the world around you as if it's the greatest gift you ever had," the Indian commented and I turned my head to look back at him, his dark eyes stared into my blue.

I didn't answer his words, "What's your name?"

His lips twitched, "What is that song you were singing?"

I turned facing forward again, "A song."

"You sing beautifully."

"Thank you…" I blushed, my face heating up at the compliment, no one had ever commented on my singing before, "It's a lullaby my mother used to sing to me," I said softly, my eyes again searching for the female hawk.

He was quiet for a long time after that, all which could be heard were the sounds of the horse and mules feet on the rocky ground.

"White Crow is my name," he said after about fifteen minutes. I decided on not commenting on it but I thought that was a beautiful name.


We reached his camp at dusk, the sun was set behind the mountains so that I could barely see its vibrant colors on the clouds any more. We were near at the top of the mountain we had climbed all day, a flat meadow spread out before us and there I saw his people, or what little was left that had stayed hidden when the rest had been sent West. There were about eighteen or more warriors that I could see, five women and six children of various ages. There were little cabin like hutches scattered about and horses grazed here and there throughout the village. There was even a dog, a mutt looking thing that barked twice when we approached.

We rode to the middle of camp and were surrounded by most of the people who came to greet us…or rather White Crow. A couple men looked me over and I shivered as I felt their eyes on me, Bett snorted as a warrior got to close and I was overcome with fear for her as I saw one warrior lay a hang on her shoulder.

My head turned so fast I cracked my neck, "You leave my mule alone!" I shouted at the warrior who only looked at me with a cocked eyebrow. White Crow said something to the warrior and the other man scoffed, backing away from the mule and looking at me in annoyance, I glared right back, "You touch my mule again and you'll be sorry." The man must've understood some of what I said because he only laughed.

It was when White Crow untied my hands from the saddle horn that I realized I was in no position to be making such threats. I flinched when White Crow put his hands on my waist and I began to protest as he lifted and slid me off the blue roan and stood me on my feet. When he let me go and I had nothing supporting me I promptly fell over as my legs felt like needles and my thighs were sore from the riding I'd done. Never had I ridden so far.

Everyone around us laughed and my face flushed in embarrassment as White Crow grabbed me by the shoulders and brought me to my feet before saying something to a couple warriors in their language. He then proceeded to throw me over his shoulder and I grunted as his shoulder dug into my stomach.

After I caught my breath and got over my surprise I began to thrash and growl at him, beating his back with my bound fists, everyone laughed, White Crow just kept on walking. It was then as we walked away from the crowd to one of the huts that all my fear hit me hard and I wondered what exactly would happen to me.