Dear Father,

I was finally cleared to fly again! How wonderful it felt to be in the air once again. Though I have less than an hour of flight experience, I find myself eagerly awaiting every flight. I may not be a good sailor, father, but I do feel I can be an aviator.

Some of the other pilots are joking that the Huns may award me a medal if I keep performing as I have been. They say it saves the Huns from having to bother sending their planes up. What cheek!

Today's flight went well. I flew the assigned course well. I avoided the church steeple this time. My instructor even felt confident enough to allow me to fly more complex maneuvers today.

We started with some gentle banking turns, making nice wide circles. After that, we started weaving to and fro, getting a feel for gently changing direction. I think I did rather well at that, I flew very smoothly.

Next, we began making more swift direction changes. The instructor would call out "left!" or "right!" and I'd turn as quickly as I could. That was marvelous fun, very enjoyable.

But with the letters I've sent home so far, I'm sure by now you're thinking, "you didn't crash again?"

Yes, father, I crashed again. I wanted to try the quick turns again, as I felt I was flying very well and should make the most of a good day. The instructor was very amenable to the idea, so we did some maneuvers on the way back to the airfield.

However, as we got closer to home, I began to feel light-headed. I don't remember what happened exactly, only that we hit the ground quite hard.

I woke up clear of the plane. A man with a big, handsome bay horse was standing over me. That horse looked an awful lot like our Benjamin. For a moment, I really thought it was. I really miss that horse. I hope he's doing well as an artillery horse.

My instructor said I was white as a sheet before I lost control of the plane. Amazingly, he said I almost landed the plane. I don't remember trying to land the plane, but if he says I almost did it, I suppose I must have. The plane was intact, except for the propeller and the landing gear, so this is a vast improvement on my last two crash landings.

Why I lost consciousness is a bit of a mystery at this point. The doctors think perhaps I was still suffering some lingering effects of the previous crash, and have suggested I should rest up properly this time. I don't want to rest up, I honestly feel quite healthy, but I shall have to do as the doctors say.

I hope to fly again as soon as I am able.