Something I've had for some time,

And a tribute to one of my muses.




Looking At The Cliff From The Beach

I stood on a beach

Not far from the sea

Staring into the waves

My eyes trailed

To a looming cliff

That rose from the waves

Like a Titan's hand

Foreboding and dark

Craggy and worn from timeless waves and wind.

On the edge of that cliff

Stood a figure

I had yet to recognize.

Their dark hair whipped,

So very far away,

As they faced out into the sea.

I couldn't see their eyes

Nor did those eyes turn to look at me.

They just stood their

As the horse and winged wild winds

Invisible but brutal

Pounded and twisted around her

Buffeting her

Yet she paid the invisible beasts no mind

And let them have their way

Instead she just

Continued to stare

Out in the open sea.

Arms limp against her side.

I did not need to see to know

The expression on her face

That blank expression

Clean of emotion yet

So very thoughtful

Having already retreated deep into the recesses of her own mind.

Those eyes that stared

Out into the sea

Would be half-lidded.

She was wondering.

Just as I was.

I saw her move.

I saw her disappear.

I saw her vanish before my very eyes as if

She were never there

And that it had always just been

That timeless dark hand

And that open sea.

And to those invisible beasts and open sea

As I looked to that craggy hand worn by time and elements

I whispered