hey people, i have thinking about this story for a really long time. and now i've written my own story about it, i think it is time to translate it to English.
i hope you guys like it a lot and please R&R below

5789 – Benji's note

In times we barely remember, like 2000 years ago, a great war destroyed the World as we once knew it.
soldiers told people to hide in nuclear safety bunkers!
But most of them never made it that far!
big bombs explode, people got shot!
And within a month body's where all over the streets and buildings are destroyed till the ground!
And the worst part was, no one could stop the war, going on between two big tribes called Russia, and America.
When the war was over, the world wasn't what it used to be anymore!
The tribes are history and the continent's are changed.
many people died in that big war.
But human kind is like the cockroach.
Even if you kill many, there are still a few who survive the catastrophe.
the people who survived the war, decided to rebuild a new world from the ashes of the old.
it almost took 200 years to make a normal civilization again.
People started to make tribes again and when the nuclear grounds were dried clean, they started to making plants again, for food.
But outside the tribes, people don't trust each other anymore.
Everyone suspects the other tribes and everyone is pointing fingers at others.
unfortunately, the recipe to make something called a gun, metal sticks who can shoot people, was getting lost in the matter of time.
Now, in this time, humans are still frightening of each other, and when two tribes meet each other, everyone took swords, knives and bows in suspicion of what might happen.
We are the Feredians.
We are one of the tribes who has rebuilt the old life as good as possible.
But danger always is among us!
Especially now!
Especially here!