Rain was falling of the roof of the small church on the backside of a little square.
not that layla care about any rain now, she had something else on her mind!
Her annoying brother was being annoying again.
"hey sis, you're in for lunch?"
Layla sight. "Are the hunters back already?"
it came out really careless.
It was clear layla didn't like her brother at all.
"come one Layla, if they are not here yet doesn't mean we can't eat something!"
he gave her a quick smile. But she didn't return it.
"Miquel, if the hunters aren't here, I refuse to eat. And why aren't you hunting as well, I heard you said you are the best hunter of the whole tribe!"
"hey I haven't said that!" Miquel defended himself.
"Yes you did? It was just the other day!"
Miquel began to sound a bit irritated. "Okay fine I did! But the reason I didn't come with them was that I have to protect the camp!"
Layla looked at her brother and with a little sarcasm she said, "You? Protect the camp? You've got to be kidding me.
and she ran to the gate that leads outside the camp.
Miquel ran after her and grabbed her arm.
"when the bandits come, I cut their throats with this very sword!"
and he took a thick blade from his back and swings it around till the metal began singing in the air.
what a baby is that guy. Layla thought.
"well good luck mister 'I can't be a man'."
And with that words she walked away.
Miquel holds in the middle of a swing an kept looking at her. "Jerk." He whispered.

Layla and Miquel were 19 and 21 years old and live in the tribe together.
Their parents are died 4 years ago and despite Miquel is the oldest, Layla is the one in charge of everything around the housekeeping.
Miquel has always been a little childish and Layla and he couldn't go along very well some times.
But despite that they are still related and they take care for each other.
Thinking about that Layla noticed an outbreak right before the gate!
Quickly she turns around and jelled to her brother!
"Miquel I think you need to defend the camp for real today." she said while pointing her finger to the gate.
Miquel was just in time to see at least 20 men walk in.
all dressed in a dark green jacket, jeans who are so old they are looking like they could fall apart anytime.
All guards were carrying a spear or a bow.
Some of them carries arrows on their back and every single individual was wearing a sword on a belt below that jacket.
But one of the man really stands among the other man.
instead of all the other man he was wearing a green vest with the zipper opened and under that a blue T-Shirt.
With the shirt you could see the result of years of practice with all kind of weapons and body training!
This boy, you could see he was not older than 20 years old, really knows how to use any kind of weapon and clearly is the leader of the pack of man.
On his back you could see some arrow tops, and the top of a bow was beside it.
He also had a sword on his back but not like the other men, he walked in without any weapon in his hands.
The boy began to smile.
"So this is where the feridians live? I am kinda disappointed. I had expected something better. Especially from a neat tribe just like yours. oh well, we can't have everything. MEN. Please imprison everyone of this miserable trunk!"
and with this command all of the other men began moving and in no time the first Feridians lay on the ground crying!
Miquel took Layla's hand and tried running away with her but Evan blocked them the way.
Miquel saw him coming and quickly throws his sword and took a fighting position!
But instead oof throwing his sword, Evan start laughing. "you sure you wanna fight me boy?"
the sarcasm dripped from his words like a towel who fell in a pool.
"Miquel don't! you're a horrible fighter!" Layla warned him.
But miquel wouldn't listen to his sister. "thanks for supporting me sis." he said. "it really helps."
While he said that he removed the sweat from his forehead. Evan saw this and a grin walked over his face.
"Just listen to the girl boy. If you surrender now, I may have mercy."
even though Evan knew he didn't. his tribe was hard and almost never took any prisoners.
But today, Evan had a horrible fight with his father, the leader of the tribe, and he lost terribly.
In a whim he decided to attack a tribe and took as many prisoners as possible! Just to irritate his father.
"Ahhh I will never surrender!" Miquel jelled and he attacked.

His sword swing from right to left in a dangerous way!
Evan ducked away and the sword missed him.
Quickly he removed all weapons and threw them at the ground.
He was just in time! Miquel attacked again!
This time Miquel tried to stab Evan but again Evan jumped away but then did something unexpected.
While Miquel stood there with an outstretched arm and sword, Evan rolled under it, took Miquel's sword-arm, and with a free hand, he hammered hard on Miquel's hand.
So hard that he needs to release his sword! But the boy was brave and tried fighting Evan with his bare hands!
But Evan trained himself in this kind of combat and blocked every attack Miquel tried.
Evan knocked Miquel hard on the ground and stepped two steps away from him.
It doesn't even look like he has break any sweat. Layla thought. "again." Evan commanded Miquel.
The boy took the sword he need to drop and attacked again.
But in the middle of his attack Evan jumped up and kicked hard against his sword.
And again he had to let it go! His hand still hurts from the hit but Miquel wouldn't give in!
with all the experience he had, he tried one last trick.
The moment Evan tried to kick him in his face, he dropped himself on the ground and rolled into his other leg.
Evan not saw that coming and lost his balance.
But even on the ground Evan was stronger and way more experienced than Miquel was and one jump and Evan was on his feet again and punched Miquel hard in his stomach causing Miquel to collapse! Then apparently even decide it was enough playing and he gives the poor boy a hard punch on his head.
Miquel felt down like a sack of salt. "take that boy away."
Two man took the boy and tied him up.
"as for you girl, your coming with me." Another two of his men tied a rope around her while Evan looked at it.

"where are you taking us?" Benji asked.
As a reward the closest guard sold him a hit with the shade of his sword.
"AUW. Why did you do that?" another strike was making the poor old man causing to fall on the soft forestground!
The guard became mad and almost jelled, "get up old man!" and he pulled Benji up his feet again.
"Goengji, relax. The man wants to know where we take him. And I can answer him."
The sarcasm was all over it again. And Goengji started laughing. "no worries, I will tell you."
Evan took his bottle and drank a bit of the juice inside. "you, my friend are going to meet the chief of our tribe."
Benji looked weird at Evan. "why would i wanna meet him?"
Evan laughed. "no you won't wanna meet him. he, wanna meet you. because you are gonna tell him where the rest of your tribe is."
"And what about the rest of the people you prisoned?"
"the rest?" Evan acted he doesn't know what benji was talking about. but suddenly he knew. "ow the rest. The rest of the boys will work in the camp or fields."
"But, what about the woman and children?" Benji said that with a scared face!
Evan grinned "The woman? They can choose between being slaves or become offers to our mighty god Toutanis the lightning god!"

"So, now you heard what your destiny will be girl." Evan told Layla.
Layla looked back with a furious expression on her face.
"i'd rather be offered to your god than being your slave."
Evan sight. "you know, every woman said that in the beginning. but at the end, they all choose to be a slave."
and with those words. Evan ended the conversation and walked away.
half of the tribe imprisoned, Miquel unconscious. looks like Megane leaved us.

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